Sales dashboard

The Sales dashboard shows a summary of your invoices (sometimes called accounts receivable) that need more processing or are waiting for payment by customers, money due to come in, quotes you've created, and outstanding billable expenses. From here you can create new, and search for and process existing transactions, and review and send customer statements.

Image of the Sales dashboard.

Monitor money coming in using the bar graph

Use the graph for a quick view of approved invoices - those coming up for payment and ones overdue for payment. Hover over a bar to see the invoices making up that total.

Image showing a graph of money coming in for your organisation.

See which customers owe the most


The invoices table shows which five customers owe you the most. The red amounts are overdue balances. Click the blue amount to view your customer's statement.

Image showing table displaying total and overdue balances of five customers with largest outstanding balances.

Billable expenses

The billable expenses table shows which five customers have the greatest value of billable expenses assigned to them. Click an amount to create an invoice for the customer for the amount of the billable expense.

Image of the billable expense customers who owe most on the Sales Dashboard.

Check the status panels

Use the status panels to monitor your invoices, quotes and billable expenses. Click the panels or links to view the transactions that make up the totals or for billable expenses - the Billable Expenses - Outstanding report.


  • Draft invoices needing approval or submission for approval
  • Draft invoices awaiting approval
  • Invoices awaiting payment by customers
  • Overdue invoices

Image showing totals of draft, awaiting approval, awaiting payment and overdue invoices.


  • Draft quotes that you need to send
  • Quotes awaiting customer response
  • Quotes accepted by customers
  • Expired quotes

Image showing quotes status panel.

Billable expenses

  • The number of customers assigned billable expenses and not recovered
  • The outstanding billable expenses amount

Image showing totals of the customer assigned billable expenses and the total amount unrecovered.