Edit paid supplier credit notes

Open and view supplier credit notes that have been fully allocated to see the bills and amounts credited or cash refunded. From paid credit notes you can edit, void and print, and delete credit allocations to bills.

You can get to a credit note that's been paid (i.e. fully allocated) in the Accounts menu, selecting Purchases, clicking 'Paid', then selecting the credit note from the list. You can also drill down from certain reports or bills. Whether you can access paid credit notes depends on your user role .

Paid credit

What is an Awaiting Payment credit note & what can you do with it?

View paid supplier credit notes

A credit note that is 'paid' is one that has been fully allocated to one or more bills in Xero and has 0.00 as the remaining credit balance.

A credit note displays with a CR icon Credit note, and a credit on a bill displays with a paper with a small yellow square Credited invoice.

Credit notes are accessed from a couple of places.

  • In the Accounts menu, select Purchases, click Paid, then select the paid credit note.
  • Click 'Paid' link next to Bills heading on Purchases screen.

  • Select a credit note directly off a bill - only if the full amount of the credit note was applied to the bill will it be a paid credit note.
  • Paid invoice

  • Drill down into a credit note from reports that list individual transactions.

Edit a Contact on a aid supplier credit note

The Contact name (i.e. who the credit note is from) and the address details you have saved for them will display on the bill.

Contact address

  • Click on the Contact name to view or edit the full contact details and notes you have recorded for that person or organisation.
  • Click the 'Edit' link to add or change the address information only. This will update the address for this Contact, not just for this credit note.
  • If you've entered a Xero network key received from another Xero organisation, a symbol will display next to their name (but is not used for anything on a Paid credit note).

Edit the Contact's address or account & tracking details

Edit option

Edit the account or tracking options only for the credit note by choosing 'Edit' from the Credit Note Options button. No other credit note details can be changed.

Edit paid

Delete credit allocation

Image of the X icon.

Remove credit applied to a bill

Click the X icon next to the dollar amount on a bill to remove the credit note.

The credit note returns to the Awaiting Payment status. If the credited amount fully paid the bill, the bill also returns to Awaiting Payment.

Image of the X icon next to the dollar amount.

Print a paid supplier credit note


  • Click on the Print PDF button to open the bill as a PDF if you'd like to print it.
  • You can print more than one Awaiting Payment bill at once from the Paid tab.

Credit Note Options

Click the Credit Note Options button for a list of other actions you can perform on a Paid credit note.

Paid options

  • Use the 'Void' option to void a credit note. This will remove it from the bill it's allocated to.
  • Use the 'Edit' option to edit the credit note as described above

Allocated amounts

Click on any bills that have been allocated credit from this credit note under the 'Total Credit' line.

Click on Bill link under total.

History & Notes

Enter a note or view the history for this bill (History & Notes).

button - show history.png

button - add note.png