Edit supplier credit notes awaiting payment

Open and view supplier credit notes that are Awaiting Payment to apply them to bills or view any bills that they're already partially applied to. From Awaiting Payment credit notes you can also access a range of options for the credit note - edit, void and print.

You can get to a credit note that's awaiting payment from Purchases, or by drilling down from bills or certain reports. Users with a Standard, Adviser, Invoice Only + Approve and Pay, and Invoice Only + Purchases user role can view awaiting payment credit notes.

Awaiting Payment credit

What is an Awaiting Payment credit note & what can you do with it?

Find a credit note

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A credit note that is 'Awaiting Payment' is one that has been entered into Xero and approved, but has not yet been fully allocated to a bill (or bills). When the remaining credit balance has been allocated, the status of the credit note will change to 'Paid'.

Credit notes are accessed from a couple of places.

  • Select a credit note from the Awaiting Payment tab.

Awaiting payment

  • Select a credit note directly off an Awaiting Payment or Paid bill - only if the full amount of the credit note was not applied to the bill will it still be in an Awaiting Payment status itself.

From invoice

Allocate credit to a bill

Tip: You should use this option to allocate existing credit rather than adding new credit notes for the supplier each time - it makes it easier to manage the amount of credit you have with a supplier

If you already have existing Awaiting Payment bills from suppliers in Xero, you can allocate some or all of this credit note to one or more bills using the 'Allocate credit' option from the Credit Note Options button.


  • This option does not display if there are no Awaiting Payment bills entered for this supplier - if you have any Draft or Awaiting Approval bills that you want to credit, you'll need to approve them first. You can perform this same allocation function from the bottom of the credit note by clicking on the 'Remaining Credit' balance.
  • You'll be able to choose how much credit from this credit note you want to allocate to each Awaiting Payment bill for the supplier from the Allocate Credit Balance screen.
  • If the full amount of the credit note is allocated, its status will change from Awaiting Payment to Paid.
  • Any bills with a credit amount allocated from this credit note will display in the credit note balance - click on the bill link to view its details.

invoice link

  • If the credit allocated to a bill fully pays it, the bill will have a 0.00 balance and its status will change to Paid, otherwise the bill will remain in an Awaiting Payment status for further payments or credit.


Edit the Contact's address or account & tracking details

Edit option

You can edit credit notes once they're approved and awaiting payment. Once they've been paid, your editing options are limited.


Print PDF

CNote options

Button - show history

Button - Add Note

Credit note options

Click the Credit Note options button for a list of other actions you can perform on an Awaiting Payment credit note. Options available will change depending on whether there are outstanding bills for the supplier.


  • Use the 'Allocate Credit' option to apply some of all of this credit note to a bill as described above - this will only display if there are Awaiting Payment bills entered for this supplier that credit can be allocated to.
  • Use the 'Void' option to void the credit note.
  • Use the 'Edit' option to edit the credit note as described above.
  • Use the 'Print' option to print a credit note.

Allocated amounts

Click on any bills that have been allocated credit from this credit note. You can also allocate some or all of the remaining credit note by clicking on the 'Remaining Credit' link as described above.

invoice link

History & Notes

Enter a note or view the history for this credit note (History & Notes)