Share a link to an online invoice

Share a link to your online invoice with your customer. Online invoices display differently depending on whether they have a standard or DOCX branding theme.

Share the online invoice link

You can share a link to an awaiting payment or paid online invoice.

  1. In the open invoice, click Invoice Options, then select Share Invoice.
  2. Click Copy to copy the URL for pasting into an email.

    Image showing online invoice URL.

Invoice display with DOCX branding

Your DOCX template does not carry through to the online invoice because DOCX does not readily convert to a web format that can be shown in your browser. The online invoice will show a view based on your organisation settings. The invoice in PDF form will show all the information from your template.

Example of online invoice with DOCX branding theme applied (awaiting payment)

Image of DOCX online invoice.

Invoice display with standard branding

Online invoices with standard branding display the information you set up in your branding theme.

Example of an online invoice using a standard branding theme (awaiting payment)

Image of online invoice using a standard branding theme.

Extra buttons, links & information

Button, link or informationAction

Outstanding bills button

Image of Outstanding bills link

Displays if:

View PDF button

View PDF button.

Displays if you've applied a DOCX branding theme to your customer's invoice.

Pay now button

Pay now button.

Displays if you've applied a payment service to the branding theme you selected for the invoice.
Days overdueIf the invoice is overdue, the online invoice displays the number of days it's overdue by.
Less amount paid

If you:

  • Record a part-payment on the invoice, or apply a credit from a credit note, prepayment or overpayment, the amount due reduces
  • Reconcile the full invoice, the invoice shows as paid.

File icon

Image showing the file icon.

This only displays if you've included files with your invoice.

PDF button

View PDF button.

Customers can generate and print a PDF copy of the online invoice.

This PDF will be different from the PDF invoice attached to the original email, if payments have been applied or removed from the invoice.

CSV button

CSV button.

Customers can download a CSV file of the invoice.

Save button

Save button.

Customers can save the online invoice:

  • As a draft in their Xero organisation, or
  • Into notifications (with a Xero login).
Questions or comments about this bill?Your recipient can email you directly from the online invoice. You'll receive the email if you created the invoice.
Links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accountsIf you've added your organisation's social media links, your recipient can connect with you.
View map linkIf you used the Physical address field in Organisation Settings, a map of your address will display.

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