Monitor your Square clearing account

Once you've connected Square with Xero, you may want to regularly check your clearing account so you can see the amount Square owes you.

You'll need to have the Standard + All Reports or Adviser user role, to be able to run reports in Xero.

Check your Balance Sheet

When you've reconciled your daily Square transactions in your bank account, go to your Balance Sheet report to see your Square clearing account balance.

Balance Sheet

Check your balance in Square

You may want to compare the Square clearing account balance in Xero with the amount showing in your Square account.

To get to your Square account, open your latest Square invoice in Xero, click the Go to Square button and sign in to Square using your email address and Square password.

In Square, adjust the dates in your Square Sales Summary dashboard to match the date and the due date in your latest Square invoice in Xero.

The amount showing in Square should match your Square clearing account balance in Xero.

Square includes cash transactions in its sales summary - if you have Square cash transactions, add these to your clearing account balance to match the amount Square shows.

Image showing Square account