Update your Xero user profile details

Find out how to update your Xero user profile, including your basic information, contact details, and public profile settings.

Update your profile

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.

  2. In the Settings menu, select Profile Settings.
  3. Enter or update your:
    • Basic information, such as your picture, name, and location
    • Contact details, such as your phone, website, and social media links
    • Public profile settings
  4. If your profile is public, review the Xero Terms of Use and the Community Guidelines under Terms and Conditions, then select the checkbox to agree to them.
  5. Click Save.

Basic Information

If you make your profile public, all of the fields under Basic Information appear on your public profile. At a minimum, you must enter your name and select your location.

  • Profile image

    Click Upload Image and then browse to and select an image to appear on your profile, then click Upload. We recommend using a 140px by 140px image in JPG, PNG or GIF format less than 1MB in size.

    Click Change Image to upload a new image, or click Remove Image to remove it.

  • Name

    Enter your first and last names as you want them to appear on your profile. Your user profile name appears:

    • On Xero Community, if you have ever posted there
    • On the top right of your screen in Xero when you are logged in
    • Throughout your Xero organisation, eg identifying your actions in History & Notes
  • Job Title

    Enter your title as you want it to appear on your profile.

  • Brief bio

    Enter up to 200 characters about yourself that you want to appear on your profile.

  • Location

    The Location is set initially to the location you chose when you signed up for Xero. You can select different location from the list. Xero uses your user profile location to determine:

    • The default location for any additional organisations you add
    • The date convention you will use, when you enter dates in Xero
    • The spelling of words within Xero

Contact details

If you make your profile public, only the fields you select under Contact Details appear on your public profile. When you first set up your profile only the Name and Website fields are shown. You can click Add contact field to add more. Click the 'X' to the right of the field to remove it. All fields are optional.

  • Phone

    The number portion of the Phone field is set initially to the telephone number you entered when you signed up for Xero. You can also include the country and area code.

  • Website

    Enter the full URL of your website.

Additional contact fields

  • Mobile

    Enter the telephone number for your mobile phone. You can also include the country and area code.

  • Skype

    Enter your Skype account name.

  • Social media links

    Enter the link for your social media account. Choose from:

    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Google+

    To add social media links copy and paste the part of the link that is not already showing in Xero. For example, if your LinkedIn address is 'http://www.linkedin.com/pub/firstname-lastname/12/34', you would only copy: 'pub/firstname-lastname/12/34'.

    Image showing the end of a LinkedIn URL highlighted in a browser.

    Image showing the same part of the URL pasted into Xero.

Public Profile Settings

If you make your profile public, you can include the following:

  • Associated Organisation

    Select the Xero organisation you want to appear on your profile. The list includes all organisations you belong to. This field is only shown if you belong to at least one organisation.

  • Your Profile Web Address

    Xero creates a web address that you can use to direct people to your full user profile. This address is based on your user name, but you can change it if you like. Xero will confirm the availability of your address.