Give practice staff access to billing accounts

In Xero Partner Edition, if you have Principal permissions, you can give other staff members in your practice limited access to billing accounts. This enables your practice staff to add client organisations to your practice's billing accounts.

What billing account access means

With billing account access, staff can:

  • Add new organisations to the account
  • Move an organisation between editions and from one billing account to another (if they have access to the organisation)
  • Upgrade or downgrade a client's pricing plan

They can't edit the billing account itself, including the billing information or payment details.

As the Principal, you'll be alerted each time a staff member:

  • Adds an organisation to a billing account
  • Removes an organisation from a billing account

Steps to give staff access to a billing account

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.
  2. Select Subscriptions & Billing.
  3. Select Manage Billing Account Access from the billing account's Practice Staff Access drop-down.

    Image showing the Billing & Subs screen and practice staff acces to billing plans.

  4. Click Give Access to select which staff can access that billing account.

    Image showing how to select practice staff to give them billing plan access.