Add or post multiple manual journals

Add multiple draft manual journals at once by entering the details into a CSV template then importing it into Xero, or post multiple draft journals to the general ledger at the same time.

Post multiple draft manual journals at the same time

Only users who have the Adviser, Standard + All Reports, or Read Only user role can post manual journals.
  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.

    If you have the Adviser user role, you can also access Manual Journals from the Adviser menu.

  2. Under Accounting, select Journal Report.
  3. Click Manual Journals to get to the Manual Journals screen.
  4. Select the Draft tab.
  5. Select the checkboxes of the journals you want to post.
  6. Click Post, then click OK.

View posted journals on the Posted tab of the Manual Journals screen, or in the Journal Report.

Import multiple draft manual journals into Xero

You need the Adviser user role to download or import a manual journal template.
  1. Download a manual journal template file from Xero
  2. Enter journal details into the template
  3. Save your file in CSV format and import it back into Xero

Download a manual journal template file from Xero

  1. In the Adviser menu, select Manual Journals.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Click Download template file.

Enter journal details into the template

Use one CSV template to create:

  • A single draft manual journal using the same date and narration for each line that you enter.
  • Multiple draft manual journals using a new narration and/or a different date for each separate journal you want to create.
You can import up to 300 lines in one template file.

In a spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Excel, open the manual journal template file you've downloaded from Xero and enter the journal details.

Journal fieldDescription
NarrationThis field is mandatory. Use the same narration and date for each group of rows you want to import as lines in the same journal.
DateThis field is mandatory. The date format needs to be dd mmm yyyy. For example, 30 Jun 2017.
DescriptionThis field is optional. You can have a different description for each row or journal line.
AccountCodeThis field is mandatory. Enter the account code number from your chart of accounts. Don't include the account name. For example, 200.
Tax RateThis field is mandatory. Enter the full tax rate name as it appears in your tax settings in Xero. For example, '20% (VAT on Expenses)'.
AmountThis field is mandatory. The amount will be treated as a debit if it's positive, or a credit if it's a negative.
TrackingName and TrackingOptionThese fields are optional. Enter the Tracking Category Name and related Tracking Option within the category for the journal. The value entered for the option must match the category, as per your organisation's Tracking Settings.
If you leave both date and narration cells blank, Xero will treat that row as belonging to the same journal as the row above it.

Save your file in CSV format and import it back into Xero

  1. Save your file with .csv as the file extension. For example, you might name your file 2015Journals.csv.
  2. In Xero, return to the Import Manual Journal screen and click Browse, then select the file.
  3. Click Import to upload the file and create a draft manual journal in Xero.
  4. Review the message in Xero and click Complete Import if you're happy with the results.

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