Copy one or more invoices to a bill

Copy a single invoice, or multiple invoices with the same status into a new bill. If you're copying multiple invoices, Xero creates one draft bill with all line items from the original invoices.

You can send the bill to a different customer from the invoice or invoices.

  1. Go to Accounts, then click Sales.
  2. Under Invoices, click the status panel of the invoice(s) you want.

    You can't copy from the list of all invoices.

  3. Select the checkbox of the invoice(s) you want then:
    • If reminders are off, click Copy to.

      mage showing invoices selected and the 'Copy to' button.

    • If reminders are on, click More, then select Copy to.

      Image showing invoices selected and the 'More' button.

  4. Select Bill and enter the name of the supplier you're creating it for.
  5. (Optional) Select Use item details if set if you want Xero to use the default values for the purchase description, account, unit price, and tax rate.
  6. Click Copy or Copy & merge.
  7. Review the bill and update the details if needed.
  8. Save the bill or send it to the customer.

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