Why can't I print or email a customised invoice template?

If TableStart or TableEnd fields are missing from a customised invoice, credit note, purchase order, quote or statement template, you won't be able to print or email it. Xero needs these fields to create data, such as statement lines and tax information.

Which fields do customised templates need?

Invoices, credit notes, purchase orders and quotes need these fields:

  • «TableStart:LineItem»
  • «TableEnd:LineItem»
  • «TableStart:TaxSubTotal»
  • «TableEnd:TaxSubTotal»

Image showing the invoice template and TableStart and TableEnd fields.

Statements need these fields:

  • «TableStart:Line»
  • «TableEnd:Line»

Image showing the statement template and TableStart and TableEnd fields.

Your template may need other fields added

If you've further customised your template to include information such as currency conversions, or grouping tax subtotals by tax rate or tax component, you'll need both applicable TableStart and TableEnd fields.

How do I fix a template that is missing TableStart or TableEnd fields?

To fix your customised template, you'll need to insert the TableStart or TableEnd fields that were removed.

Your template must contain both TableStart and TableEnd fields. (In other words, you can't have just a TableStart field without a TableEnd field, or a TableEnd field without a TableStart field.)

Download a ZIP file with fresh templates containing TableStart and TableEnd fields. Compare the fresh template to yours to find the fields you need to add. When you have found which fields are missing, copy and paste these fields from the fresh template into your customised template.

Remember, you'll need to copy the entire field, for example, «TableStart:LineItem», for your template to work.

Create a custom branding theme to download a ZIP file containing fresh templates.