HSBC Hong Kong direct feeds

Get bank account transactions from HSBC Hong Kong automatically imported in to Xero. To apply, add your bank accounts in Xero, check your account types are eligible, then complete the application form and post it to us. Your feed will start in 10 working days.

Eligible business account types

  • Everyday (day-to-day transactions) accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Foreign currency accounts
If your account type is not eligible

If your account type is not eligible for direct feeds, try one of the following ways to get your account transactions into Xero:

There is a monthly fee

There is a US$4.00 monthly fee charged for each account. We'll include this on your Xero subscription bill once your feed is set up.

Add or update your bank account in Xero before applying

If you're new to Xero, add a new bank account.

Make sure your bank account in Xero has the correct details:

  • The bank name is HSBC Business Bank (Hong Kong) - Direct Feed.
  • The correct account type for your bank account. For current accounts, select Everyday (day-to-day) or Savings as your account type.
  • The account number in Xero must match the account number on the application form you send us.
  • The correct currency for your bank account.

If you've manually imported account transactions or set up a Yodlee feed in the past, edit your bank account to make sure these settings are up to date.

If you can't edit the account settings, you may have a Yodlee feed pending activation. To disconnect it, click Manage Account next to the account, then select Cancel Activation or Deactivate Feed.

Apply for a direct feed

Download and complete a separate form for each organisation in Xero that you want a feed for.

Automatic transaction feeds to Xero (PDF, 1.4MB)

Post the original copy of the form to:
ATTN: Maples Fiduciary Services (Hong Kong) Limited
5301, 53/F, The Center
99 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong

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