Add fixed assets through transactions

Xero automatically creates a fixed asset when you code a purchase transaction to a fixed asset account.

How to add fixed assets from a transaction

Xero creates a new fixed asset when you approve a bill or expense claim, or save a spend money, and it

  • Is coded to a fixed asset account.
  • Has information entered in the description.

Xero doesn't create a fixed asset if

  • You assign a fixed asset account after the transaction is approved.
  • You record the asset using a manual journal.

The new asset will show in the draft tab of the register. Once it's been assigned an asset type and depreciation start date, you can register it.

About adding fixed assets from transactions

  • The asset name is taken from the transaction description.
  • If the quantity on the purchase transaction is 9 or less, Xero creates multiple fixed assets. If the quantity is more than 9, Xero combines them into a single fixed asset.
  • The fixed asset contains a link ('See original transaction') which you can click to check the details of the transaction it was created from.
  • Editing or deleting the asset has no effect on the purchase transaction, and vice versa. If anything needs changing, both items need to be edited.