View files while entering a transaction

When creating or editing a transaction, you can open a side-by-side view of an attached file to make data entry easier.

About viewing files in transactions

  • Use the side-by-side view when creating an invoice, bill, spend or receive money transaction.
  • The side by side view is not available on quotes and purchase orders, or when viewing transactions.
When editing a draft or awaiting approval bill, the side by side view will display automatically.

View a file while creating a transaction

  1. In the transaction, click the file icon Image of the file icon..
  2. If there is no file attached, click Add from the file library or Upload files to attach a file.
  3. Select the file to view it in a large window.

    • Click the arrow icon to switch between the large window and a side by side view.

      Image of the arrow icon.

    • To close the file preview, click the Delete line item icon Image of the Delete line item icon..
    • To preview multiple files attached to the same transaction, click the left or right arrow.

      Image showing preview arrows.