Export a batch payment file and import into a bank account

After you've created a batch payment, export the payment file and upload it to your bank to pay the bills in the batch.

Your bank may charge a fee when you upload a BACS or CSV file to your bank.

What to check before you export a batch payment file

    If you're exporting your batch payment file, you have the option of exporting to a CSV or BACS format. You'd generally choose BACS if you're uploading the file to your bank, and CSV if you want to save the file for your own use.

    If you bank with Santander bank, Xero will provide extra file format options for your export: Santander Connect BACS payments and Santander Connect Standard bulk payments.

    If you're uploading the file to your bank you'll need to check:

    • Your bank account is correct in Xero.
    • Your bank (and account - typically a business bank account) is able to make direct credit payments this way.
    • You have entered your Service User Number (SUN) or Owner ID number for BACS payments into your organisation's financial settings. (If you bank with HSBC, you don't have to do this.)

    How to export your batch file

    1. Go to Accounts, then click Bank Accounts.
    2. Click the name of the bank account you made the batch payment from.
    3. Open the batch payment.

    4. Your batch payment is either named Payment: multiple items or Payment: Name/Organisation (for one payment in the batch).
    5. Use the Export Batch File menu to select whether you export your file to CSV, a BACS format, or if you bank with Santander bank, one of their export formats. If the Export Batch File option doesn't show, it means you've already reconciled the transaction.

      Export batch file

    If there's a bill in your batch with incomplete information, you'll get a message when you try to export the file. The message lists which payment line has errors. Go back and edit your batch before exporting the file.

    Edit a batch payment

    Importing your saved batch file to your bank

    Once you've downloaded the batch payment file, there is no need to open it. Simply upload the file from your downloads folder on your computer into your online banking.

    If the bank offers you the option to process the batch as either a single statement line or multiple statement lines, choose the single statement line.

    If you import the saved batch file into your bank account, it's important that you don't change the file format or the data in the file.

    If you're new to uploading files into your bank account for these types of payments, contact your bank to find out how to do this.

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