Edit a batch payment

Add bills to an existing batch payment or edit the individual bills within a batch.

Your user role determines whether you can edit a batch payment.

Add bills to an existing batch

If you want to add other bills to an existing batch, you'll need to delete the batch and create a new one.

  1. Delete the existing batch payment.
  2. Create a new batch payment.
  3. Include all the bills you want to pay.

Edit bills within a batch

If you want to edit bills within an unreconciled batch, you'll need to find it first. If it's been reconciled, you'll need to unreconcile it.

  1. If the batch is:

  2. Click Options, then select Edit Batch.

    Image of Options list with Edit Batch selected.

  3. Make your changes:
    • Edit the fields as you need.
    • If you want to remove a bill, click Remove Payment Image of Remove Payment button..
  4. Save the batch.