Edit a batch payment

Edit the payment details of a batch payment, or remove bills from the batch. You'll need the Standard, Adviser or Invoice Only user role to add a batch payment.

You can't add more bills to an existing batch payment. If you need to pay additional bills, either create a new batch payment for the new ones, or delete the existing batch payment and create a new one for all of them.

Edit the payment details of a batch

Once you have created the batch payment, you can edit the payment details, such as payment date and bank account. You can also remove any bills from the batch payment that you now don't want to pay.

  1. If the batch is:
  2. Click Options, then select Edit Batch.

    Image of Options list with Edit Batch selected.

  3. Make your changes:
    • Edit the fields as you need.
    • If you want to remove a bill from the batch, click the Remove Payment icon to the right of the bill.

      Image of Remove Payment icon.

  4. Click Save.