Contact activity and notes

View unpaid invoices and bills, unallocated credit notes, the totals owing and the average number of days to pay for a contact. See an overall transaction summary for the contact. Add a note or save an email to a contact's activity stream.

Awaiting payment invoices and bills and activity

Image of the awaiting payment activity for contact.

  • See a list of current sales and purchase transactions, including unpaid invoices and bills, unallocated credit notes, and open quotes and purchase orders for the contact. The amount due takes credit notes and part payments into account.
  • The usually pay in [n] day calculation for invoices is the:
    • Average number of days between the invoice dates and the payment dates for all invoices for the customer
    • Average number of days between the bill dates and the payment dates for all bills for the supplier
  • Prepayments and overpayments aren't included in the transaction list or accounted for in the balance owing.
  • Click View recent invoices report to go to the Accounts Receivable Invoices report
  • Click View recent bills report to go to the Accounts Payable Invoices report

The screen is responsive, if you have a wider screen you will see the transaction number, reference, date, activity date, amount due, and total in separate columns. If you don't have a wider screen the detail will show as wrapped text.

Payment bar graph

Image of the Money in Money out graph for Contact.

The payment bar graph shows all payments for a contact, including spend money and receive money transactions, in the month of the payment.

Activity tab

Image of the Contact Activity tab.

Invoices, bills, quotes, purchase orders.

The activity record for an invoice, bill, quote, purchase order, or expense claim receipt includes the amount, and the due, expiry or activity date.

To view or copy an item, click the arrow next to the record and select View or Copy. You can also view an item by clicking on the item number.

Spend or receive money transactions

The activity record for a spend or receive money transaction includes the amount, type, transaction date, and transaction name.

To view the transaction, click the arrow next to the record and select View.

Expense claim receipts

Approved expense claim receipts will show if the Receipt from contact is the supplier.

To view or copy an item, click the arrow next to the record and select View.

User activity

The following information shows with a user name and timestamp:

  • Changes to contacts (create, archive, merge, edit) financial information, the changes show the activity record. If you have the Adviser user role, you can see the changes in the History and Notes Activity report.
  • Adding a note - when a user adds a note on invoices, bills and transactions for the contact, the note includes a link to the item. Xero automatically adds a note when you send customer statements.
  • Adding an email - once an email is added to activity, other users can view the email in the contact's activity stream. To view the email conversation, click View next to the email activity record.
  • Adding a file to the contact record.
  • Sending a receipt or remittance advice.
  • Viewing outstanding bills - include the outstanding bills link and Xero will record a note each time someone views an online invoice, credit note or prepayment.
  • Customer email sent using the Questions or Comments link on an online invoice, quote, credit note or prepayment.

Notes tab

You can add notes to a contact if you need to record information about that customer or supplier. Once the note has been saved, it cannot be edited or deleted. The note will be saved as a history item.

  1. In the Contacts menu, select All Contacts.
  2. Find the contact and click on the contact name.
  3. In the Activity & Notes section, click Add a note.
  4. Enter the details of the note, up to 2500 characters.
  5. Save.