Release notes: updates to Xero on 28 April 2015

Here's a summary of what we've released:

File the Employer Monthly Schedule (NZ)

File the Employer Monthly Schedule IR348 (EMS) with Inland Revenue by downloading the file from payroll in Xero and then uploading it to Inland Revenue using iFile.

File salary and wage deductions with Inland Revenue

View all paystubs or payslips for an employee (NZ, UK and US)

View all paystubs for an employee from a single location in payroll in Xero, rather than going to each pay run. This is available to Payroll Admins.

Go to Payroll, click Employees.

Click the employee, then click the Paystubs or Payslips tab.

KiwiBank payment files (NZ)

You can now download payment files for KiwiBank from payroll in Xero, to pay your employees using electronic transfer.

Add and view work locations in payroll settings more easily (US)

Add work locations to payroll in Xero more easily and see what work locations have been added, with the primary work location always positioned top left.