Release notes: updates to Xero on 17 August 2015

Here's a summary of what we've released:

Invoice updates

Copy an invoice from an invoice list

You can now copy any invoice from the Draft, Awaiting Approval, Awaiting Payment, or Paid invoice tabs, into a new sales invoice.

Merge sales invoices into a new draft invoice

Merge sales invoices in groups of the same status into a new invoice. Each line in the copied invoice will make up a line in the new invoice. Merge up to 25 sales invoices (or up to 200 lines) into one invoice.

Edit paid invoices and bills

Contact, Due Date, Invoice number, Reference and Description can now be edited on paid invoices and bills.

Edit paid sales invoices

Edit paid bills

New look sales invoice

To help make the invoice pages easier to read, we've given them an updated look and a responsive design (full-width screens that scale with the width of your browser).

Description field no longer required on bills and journals

Enter new bills, bill credit notes, manual journals, repeating journals without adding a description. Also applies to importing bills and manual journals.

Payroll updates

US payroll

  • Payroll is now available to businesses located in Alaska, Hawaii and North Carolina to keep the books up to date, with journals created automatically.
  • There's a new and simplified way to process pay runs.

Process a pay run

AU payroll

Xero Me gives employees and managers the flexibility of managing leave and viewing pay history from anywhere on their phones. Xero Me is now available free to download from iTunes or Google play.


Google play

NZ payroll

There's a simplified process for employees who are ending their employment:

  • Any remaining annual leave, accrued holiday pay and alternative holidays are automatically paid out.
  • Public holidays are taken into account.
  • The employee's end date is automatically included in their final pay.

End an employee’s employment

UK payroll

Pension contributions can be calculated on your employees' qualifying earnings.

Set pension contributions to calculate on qualifying earnings