CIS Payment and Deduction Statements

Run CIS Payment and Deduction Statements so you can notify subcontractors how much you've paid them, and the CIS deductions withheld. If you've paid a subcontractor, you must send them a written statement of payments and deductions within 14 days of the end of the report period. Statements are VAT exclusive.

About the Payment and Deduction Statements

  • The statements only include information from bills paid, or credit notes refunded, in the period.
  • Part paid bills and credit notes are included on a pro rata basis.

Run the CIS Payment and Deduction Statements

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Tax, click CIS Payment and Deduction Statements.
  3. Select a report period, then click Update to view the statements.
  4. Click Download to download the PDF statement for the subcontractor. Send the PDF to your subcontractor from your device.