Add or edit a bill from a CIS subcontractor

Create a new bill, or edit an existing bill in Xero for work done by a CIS subcontractor.

CIS Beta is still in development as we make additions and improvements.

Before you add or edit a CIS bill in Xero

Make sure you add the CIS information to your subcontractor's contact record. This is so Xero knows the CIS rate to apply to the bill.

Add a CIS bill in Xero

Add a bill in the normal way. In the Account field, where the bill line item is:

  • Labour - Select CIS Labour Expense. Xero calculates the CIS deduction for the subcontractor and displays it separately on the bill, using the deduction rate you selected for the subcontractor on their contact record.
  • Another expense subject to CIS deduction - Select CIS Labour Expense.
  • Materials - Select CIS Materials Purchased.
  • Another expense not subject to CIS deduction - Select the relevant account code.

    Image showing bill with CIS information.

Edit an existing draft or awaiting payment bill to add CIS information

When you edit an existing draft or awaiting payment bill and add the CIS Labour Expense account, Xero adds the CIS deduction amount below the bill total.

You can't:

  • Change between CIS and non-CIS accounts on a paid bill.
  • Change the contact on CIS bill.
Clear the Total field when you edit an awaiting payment bill, as the new total with a CIS deduction won't match the original total.