Reconcile CBA corporate credit card repayments

Here's how to reconcile your CBA corporate credit card repayments. How you set up your feed affects the way you reconcile your accounts in Xero.

You've set up a feed for both the master account and individual cards

  1. Transfer the credit card repayment from your business bank account to your master credit card account.
  2. For each credit card account, transfer the amount owing on the credit card from the master credit card account. Make sure the date is the same as the original card payment and update if needed.
  3. Mark each transfer transaction as reconciled.

You've set up a feed for the individual cards only

  1. Go to the reconciliation screen for your business bank account. Next to the credit card repayment statement line, click Find & Match.
  2. Click New Transaction, then select Transfer Money. Transfer the amount owing on the credit card from the business bank account to the individual credit card account, then click Transfer. Repeat for each card.
  3. When the total of the new transactions matches the statement line, click Reconcile.

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