View information that's on a PDF bill or supplier credit note

Learn what information displays on a PDF bill or supplier credit note printed from Xero. Your user role determines your access to bills.

PDF bills and credit notes

PDF bills and credit notes look a little different from the invoices you send to your customers. For example, they automatically show your organisation's name and address.

The supplier's logo and any payment terms you've set up, inventory item codes and names, tax rate descriptions, accounts, and tracking don't show on bills and credit note PDFs.

Information that's shown on the PDF

PDF bills use information from different parts of Xero. They are all formatted the same regardless of the bill's status.


Your supplier's details

The details entered into Xero from the supplier bill or credit note.

The date, reference, and supplier's name and address are the same as shown in Xero.

Your details

Your organisation's name and address is automatically shown on the PDF as the recipient.

Items, amounts, descriptions

Details of the items you are buying. Any part payments or credit notes that have been applied show in the total.

If a credit note was partially allocated to a bill, the amount shows in the credit subtotal.

Credit totals

Due date

The bill's due date as it shows in Xero.

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