Stop a direct feed

Here's how to stop your direct feed.

You applied by submitting a PDF form

If you're the subscriber, you can stop a direct feed. If you decide you want to start the feed again after we've stopped it, then you will need to reapply.

To stop the feed, click the Contact Xero Support button at the bottom of this page, make sure you include the following information:

  • The name of the organisation that currently has the feed.
  • The last 4 digits of the account number the feed is set up for.
  • Please use your (the subscribers) registered email address.

You set up the feed in your online banking

If you set up your feed through online banking, you may be able to stop it yourself.

  1. In Xero, go to Accounts, then click Bank Accounts.
  2. Next to the account that has the feed you want to stop, click Manage Account.
  3. Click Disconnect.