HSBC UK direct feeds

Get bank account transactions from HSBC sent into Xero every day. To apply for a direct feed, add your bank accounts in Xero, check your account types are eligible, and either call HSBC Business Telephone Banking or download the application form.

What you need to know

You'll need a UK subscription

You can only set up a direct feed for HSBC if the country you chose when you added your organisation in Xero is the United Kingdom, and you're paying to use Xero.

Eligible bank account types

  • Business accounts
  • Foreign currency accounts (held in the UK, excluding Japanese yen)
If your account type is not eligible

If your account type is not eligible for direct feeds, try one of the following ways to get your account transactions into Xero:

There is a monthly fee

There is a £3.00 fee (excluding VAT) charged each month and for each account. We'll include this on your Xero subscription bill once your feed is set up.

Did you know you can set up a free Yodlee feed for HSBC instead? Learn more

To set up a Yodlee feed, you'll need to select HSBC Business Bank (UK) when you add your bank account in Xero (instead of selecting HSBC Business Bank (UK) - Direct Feed).

Set up a Yodlee feed

Before you apply

You must add your account number in Xero first

Your account number in Xero must match the account number held by HSBC.

Add your bank account in Xero

Apply for a direct feed

Apply through HSBC Business Telephone Banking

Contact HSBC Business Telephone Banking to set up your direct feed over the phone. You'll need access to the internet and your email account to complete a Letter of Authority during the call.

Download and read the E-Channels Letter of Authority sample form before contacting HSBC Business Telephone Banking:

Sample E-Channels Letter of Authority form (PDF, 90KB)

If your accounts require multiple signatures, each signatory will need to contact Business Telephone Banking separately to authorise direct feeds with Xero.

Contact Business Telephone Banking to set up your feed. (HSBC website)

Your feed will start in 5 working days.

Not registered for Business Telephone Banking? Register now on the HSBC website.

Apply by application form

If you don't want to register for Business Telephone Banking, apply by application form

Feeds set up by application form will start in 4 weeks.

About the form

  • The form gives us authority to get your data from HSBC.
  • If you have multiple organisations in Xero, all with HSBC bank accounts, you'll need to complete one form for each organisation.
  • Make sure the form is signed by the required parties in the fields indicated.

Download and complete the form

  1. Download: HSBC E-Channels Letter of Authority (ZIP, 96KB)
  2. Go to your downloads folder, right click on the HSBC E-Channels Letter of folder, then select Extract All.
  3. Open the E-Channels Letter of Authority PDF in Adobe Reader.

    (If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer, you'll need to install it to open the PDF file.)

  4. Complete these fields:

    Account Holder - the name of the business as shown on HSBC bank statements.

    Account details - the business name of your bank accounts that you are requesting a direct feed for.

  5. Print a copy.
  6. Sign the form and add the full name of the person, or people, signing for form (in block letters).

Post the original form to

Xero (UK) Limited
Bank House
171 Midsummer Boulevard
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

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