Commonwealth Bank CBA direct feeds

Get bank account transactions from CBA automatically imported in to Xero. Connect your accounts online and your feed will start within 24 hours. Direct feeds set up by application form will take 10 working days.

Eligible account types

Credit card feeds

Your credit card type determines how to apply for a direct feed.

Business credit cards

Business credit cards start with 535317, 558320, 558321, or 558850. You can set up a feed for a business credit card through NetBank.

Corporate credit cards

Corporate credit cards start with 535319, 555005, or 558701. Set up a corporate credit card account feed by application form.

If you connect your corporate credit card master account with Xero, this feed will only contain these transactions: the total spent each month, repayments and interest. You'll need to connect each individual credit card to get all of your transactions imported into Xero.

Or, you can choose to set up a feed for only the individual credit cards. This feed will only contain statement lines for purchases made on that card.

How you set up your CBA corporate credit card feeds will affect the way you reconcile your bank accounts in Xero.

Connect your accounts online

Set up your direct feed online if:

  • You have a NetBank login.
  • Your accounts only need one person's signature.
  • You're setting up a feed for a business credit card.

To connect your CBA bank accounts to Xero

  1. Either:
    • Log in to CBA NetBank or
    • In the Xero Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts. Click Add Bank Account.

      Type 'CBA' then select Commonwealth Bank CBA from the list. Click Login & Connect Accounts.

  2. Enter your NetBank client number and password, then click Log On.
  3. Select the accounts you'd like to connect with Xero.
  4. Select the checkbox to confirm that you've read the Terms & Conditions, then click Confirm.
  5. Log in to Xero (if prompted).
  6. Connect each CBA bank account to the matching bank account in Xero, or select New bank account in Xero to create a new bank account.
  7. Click Connect.

Apply by application form

Complete the application form if:

  • You're not registered for NetBank.
  • Your account needs multiple signatures.
  • You're setting up a feed for a corporate credit card.

Make sure you've added your bank account or credit card account in Xero before applying for a feed.

Post the completed form to CBA. Your feed will start in 10 working days.

Customer Authority to Disclose Information (PDF 192KB, CBA website)

Contact CBA if you're not yet registered for NetBank

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