Invoice or bill shows unpaid but payment is reconciled

Reconciled a full payment for an invoice or bill, but the invoice or bill still shows awaiting payment in Xero? It's likely the payment was reconciled with a spend or receive money created during reconciliation, instead of with the invoice or bill. Here's how to fix it.

Find statement line for payment and delete spend or receive money

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts.
  2. Click the name of the bank account that contains the invoice or bill payment.
  3. Click the Bank statements tab.
  4. Find the reconciled bank statement line for the payment. Click to view the account transaction it's reconciled with.

    Image of the Bank statements tab.

  5. Click the account transaction on the right to open it.

    Image of the Reconciled transaction details.

  6. Check the account transaction is a spend or receive money. To delete the spend or receive money, click Options, then Remove & Redo.

    Image of a spend money account transaction details, the Options button and Remove & Redo.

    Not reconciled with a spend or receive money, but with the wrong invoice or bill? You'll need to unreconcile the account transaction instead, then reconcile the payment again.

Reconcile payment again using Find & Match

  1. Click the Reconcile tab.
  2. Next to the invoice or bill payment, click Find & Match.
  3. Find the invoice or bill to match with the payment, and select the checkbox next to it.

    To help you find the invoice or bill, you can change the transaction order by clicking any column heading. Or search by name, invoice number or amount, reference or cheque number.

  4. Click Reconcile.