Reconcile a statement line with a transaction that doesn't quite match

Enter a minor adjustment to make up the difference between a statement line and a transaction in Xero. This lets you match the statement line with the transaction in Xero.

You can create a minor adjustment during bank reconciliation, which posts a reconciliation adjustment account transaction to the system rounding account. The transaction forms part of a group of transactions to make up a match with the bank statement line. You can view the reconciliation adjustment on the accounts transactions tab of the bank account.

Create a minor reconciliation adjustment

Add a minor reconciliation adjustment to reconcile a statement line that doesn't quite match an account transaction, due to a small rounding error or a mistake made in the payment.

  1. On the bank reconciliation screen, next to the bank statement line that doesn't quite match your transaction, click Find & Match.

    bank rec - create tab find match link.png

  2. Find the transaction entered in Xero. Select the checkbox next to the transaction that you want to match with the bank statement line.
  3. Click Adjustments, then Minor adjustment.

    Image showing the Minor adjustment button on the reconciliation screen.

  4. Enter the adjustment details.
  5. Click Reconcile.