View backdated invoices and bills using the Assurance Dashboard

If you have the Adviser user role, you can view backdated invoices and bills in the Assurance Dashboard Invoices & Bills tab.

Image of Assurance Dashboard Invoices & Bills tab.

To access the Assurance Dashboard Invoices & Bills tab, go to Adviser, then click Assurance Dashboard. Click Invoices & Bills.

About the Invoices & Bills tab

The Invoices & Bills tab shows a list of backdated invoices and bills. To filter the list, click by more than [number] days and select the minimum number of days an invoice or bill was backdated by.

Image of the invoices and bills date filter.

For each backdated invoice or bill, the Assurance Dashboard displays:

  • Contact name
  • Invoice or bill number
  • Amount
  • Number of days backdated
  • User who backdated invoice or bill
  • Date on invoice or bill
  • Creation date

You can also click on an invoice or bill to view more details.

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