Xero releases

Product changes made to Xero each release are listed below. You can access the full details of the change where these are available.


10 April 2018

My Payroll and Xero Me - Access to My Payroll and Xero Me now expires after a set time when an employee leaves your organisation. See Remove a payroll employee's access to My Payroll for more information.

5 April 2018

Send direct payments from Xero to National Australia Bank NAB (beta) (AU).

26 March 2018

Integration with Thomson Reuters' UltraTax is now supported. You can now export your Xero trial balances into Thomson Reuters’ Accounting CS and Workpapers CS products.

20 March 2018

You can now access Projects in the demo company.

9 March 2018

Email to Bills - you can now forward PDF bills you receive into Xero and a draft bill is automatically created.

2 March 2018

You can now upload an email logo to each DOCX theme.

28 February 2018

You can now create a contact from a project.

27 February 2018

Payroll (AU) - You can now inactivate superannuation funds.

23 February 2018

HTML emails have a new look for all Xero organisations.

14 February 2018

CIS (UK) - you can now create CIS credit notes.

13 February 2018

Payroll (UK) - You can now set up shared parental leave and pay in the same way as other forms of statutory leave. Xero will account for the employee's leave and pay when you post a pay run.

Payroll (UK) - You can now enter information for new employees into streamlined Details, Taxes and Opening Balances tabs.

Payroll (AU) - You can now inactivate pay items and pay calendars.

5 February 2018

New direct feed (UK) - Cumberland Bank.

2 February 2018

Payroll - If an employee submits a time off request and it is approved, you will be able to see the approver's name by opening the request details. You will not see an approver name if you enter the request on behalf of an employee.

1 February 2018

New payment service (US) - Stripe ACH.

25 January 2018

New GST Audit Report released for organisations based in Singapore.

24 January 2018

You can now close or re-open a project in Projects for Android.

22 January 2018

You can now rename files through the files inbox, or files attached to an invoice or a receipt in Xero for iOS.


18 December 2017

New indirect Statement of Cash Flows report for partners using report templates (Global only).

14 December 2017

You can now add time on behalf of another Project User in your organisation, and view other Project User's time entries in Projects.

13 December 2017

New default tax rates added for Canada-based organisations. You can now create customised tax rates to comply with provincial requirements.

5 December 2017

Improvements to the Statement of Cash Flows - Direct Method report. You can now change what accounts make up the cash group using the layout editor. We've also renamed the top level groups in the report.

In NZ, UK and US, you can now inactivate pay items and pay calendars/schedules. In the US, you can also inactivate work locations.

29 November 2017

Practice publishing styles for partners using Simpler BAS (AU). Xero applies your practice's publishing style when you export an activity statement to PDF.

23 November 2017

New direct feeds (UK) - Coutts, Adam & Company.

22 November 2017

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) beta (UK).

21 November 2017

New indirect Statement of Cash Flows report for partners using report templates (US only).

16 November 2017

You can now assign or unassign an invoice line item to a project.

New direct feeds (AU) - Anglican Investment Development Fund Melbourne (AIDF), Credit Union SA, First Choice Credit Union, Community Alliance Credit Union (Illawarra Credit Union and Catalyst Money), Fire Service Credit Union.

14 November 2017

Schedule C report template for US partners (US).

10 November 2017

New payment service (UK) - Worldpay.

You can rename contact groups.

New direct feed (HK) - DBS.

6 November 2017

Preview W-2 tax forms for year end (US).

1 November 2017

Mark a quote as accepted or declined in Xero for iOS.

26 October 2017

Business lookup and credit/payment risk indicators (AU, NZ).

17 October 2017

Create and revise quotes in Xero for iOS.

5 October 2017

New direct feed (AU) - South West Slopes Credit Union.

26 September 2017

Tax Rates (Singapore) - updated default tax rates are now available.

19 September 2017

Transfer the subscription for your organisation using the Transfer link in My Xero.

9 September 2017

Partner report templates - switch between different reports when editing a template, without needing to exit the layout editor.

8 September 2017

Bank transfer rules.

5 September 2017

  • View approved expenses within bills on the Awaiting Payment or All tabs.
  • Search for only approved or voided expenses in the outstanding bill payments list.

View and search for expense claims within bills

7 September 2017

Payroll (UK) - Streamlined Gross to Net report is now available. New features include saving it as a custom report, marking it as a favourite, and exporting to Google Sheets.

31 August 2017

New activity statement for Simpler BAS (AU).

25 August 2017

Fixed assets - advance depreciation date with no depreciable assets.

21 August 2017

New direct feed (AU) - Laboratories Credit Union.

18 August 2017

Fixed assets (AU) - Pool Detail report.

Stripe surcharging.

7 August 2017

Payroll (AU) - Troubleshooting auto super payments and registration.

New direct feed (AU) - Lutheran Laypeople's League.

1 August 2017

New direct feed (Singapore) - DBS Bank.

View cash flow from the dashboard in Xero for iOS.

The iOS Spotlight search now returns Contacts from Xero for iOS.

18 July 2017

New direct feed (US) - Capital One (Credit Card) Bank.

12 July 2017

Xero's new invoicing (closed release).

10 July 2017

New direct feeds (AU) - AWA Alliance Bank, Circle Alliance Bank, Cairns Penny, Central Murray Credit Union, HSBC Australia, Select Encompass Credit Union, and Service One Alliance Bank.

Ability to select from a wider range of accounts when disposing and selling fixed assets.

29 June 2017

Stripe reconciliation - imported statement lines automatically matched with transactions entered in Xero.

28 June 2017

New direct feed (AU) - Central West Credit Union.

21 June 2017

View quotes in Xero for iOS.

Archive or restore contacts in Xero for iOS.

15 June 2017

Bulk update opening tax values for fixed assets (AU).

13 June 2017

Check printing improvements (US & Canada) - customizable check styles and MICR encoding.

7 June 2017

New summarise groups option added to the new reports.

30 May 2017

New agricultural report templates for partners based on RAC standard (NZ).

25 May 2017

Import and export tax values for fixed assets (AU).

New payment service (AU) - BPAY.

19 May 2017

Ability to transfer a direct bank feed from one organisation to another.

9 May 2017

Add and edit contacts in Xero for iOS.

10 April 2017

New direct feed (AU) - People's Choice Credit Union.

3 April 2017

New direct feed (MY) - CIMB.

31 March 2017

Payroll (NZ) - Employee set up changes.

30 March 2017

New direct feed (AU) - Sydney Credit Union (SCU).

29 March 2017

Mark a quote as accepted or declined in Xero for Android.

New direct feed (AU) - MacArthur Credit Union (MCU).

23 March 2017

New direct feed (AU) - Southern Cross Credit Union.

22 March 2017

New direct feed (AU) - Anglican Funds South Australia (AFSA).

21 March 2017

Year to Date, Month to Date and Quarter to Date options added to new reports.

14 March 2017

Payroll: Yearly payroll compliance (NZ), Employee share scheme benefits (NZ), Fiscal Year End support for Payroll (UK).

New direct feed (ZA) - Sasfin.

9 March 2017

Report templates have moved from the Adviser menu to a new Adviser tab in All Reports, in the Reports menu.

Report Codes have moved from the Adviser menu to General Settings, in the Settings menu.

Report Fields & Schedules have moved from the Adviser menu to General Settings, in the Settings menu. (AU, NZ)

Add or revise a quote in Xero for Android.

8 March 2017

New direct feed (AU) - Waddle.

7 March 2017

New direct feed (HK & SG) - HSBC Hong Kong and Singapore.

2 March 2017

Practice Overview in Xero HQ.

1 March 2017

Sign up for and connect a PayPal account from an approved invoice.

21 February 2017

Pensions in Payroll (UK), Fiscal Year End support for Payroll (UK).

20 February 2017

Add a payment in Xero for iOS.

16 February 2017

Tax depreciation and pooling for fixed assets (AU).

Set up direct feeds with Silicon Valley Bank (US) online.

24 January 2017

Preview invoice; share link to online invoice.

Payroll: Employee Opening Balance improvements (NZ), Annual Compliance for Payroll (UK).

20 January 2017

Payroll: Leave Liability report (NZ).

18 January 2017

Partner Toolkit (all regions).

10 January 2017

Payroll: Payslip records (NZ), Annual leave entitlements (NZ), Statutory Maternity Pay and Statutory Sick Pay (UK).


16 December 2016

The following reports moved from the Adviser menu to the All Reports page under the Reports menu: Management Report, Reconciliation Reports, Annual Accounts (NZ, UK, Global), Annual Accounts – SPFR (AU), Year End Reports (US), Abbreviated Accounts (UK).

14 December 2016

GST Return, BAS, IAS, VAT Return and Sales Tax reports have been removed from the Adviser menu but remain on the All Reports page under Tax. You can also favourite them so they appear on the Reports menu by default.

12 December 2016

New direct feed (AU) - Heritage Bank.

6 December 2016

View quotes in Xero for Android.

Accept Apple Pay payments if you have a Stripe account (AU, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, US).

2 December 2016

Xero HQ released to open beta.

1 December 2016

History and notes for payment services.

Payroll is available in Nebraska (US).

17 November 2016

New direct feeds (AU) - Anglican Financial Services (AnFin), Catholic Development Fund, and INC Invest.

15 November 2016

Payroll: Payment files for payroll (NZ) - TSB Bank is now available.

Payroll is available in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas (US).

9 November 2016

Post multiple draft journals, or void multiple posted journals at the same time.

Reorder lines in new, existing and repeating bills, spend money transactions, and credit notes.

7 November 2016

Payroll: Edit tax settings (NZ) - Edit the tax settings on the payslip to avoid manual tax calculations.

4 November 2016

Improvements to fixed assets.

3 November 2016

Four new contact transactions reports added.

1 November 2016

New direct feed (AU) - Queensland Country Credit Union.

25 October 2016

Pay run (US) - The new reverse pay run feature automates processing an unscheduled pay run to back out a previous pay run for all or some employees.

Payroll tax forms and payment methods (US) - Kentucky now supported.

18 October 2016

Report templates for Partner Edition practices (US).

New direct feed (AU) - Anglican Community Fund.

17 October 2016

New direct feed (AU) - Commonwealth Bank CBA business and corporate credit card accounts.

11 October 2016

Payroll tax forms and payment methods (US) - Oklahoma and Louisiana now supported.

New direct feed (AU) - The Capricornian.

4 October 2016

Ability to add your own tracking columns to new financial reports using the layout editor.

27 September 2016

Payroll: Payment files (NZ) - Rabobank is now available. Payroll Admins and timesheets (AU US) - Edit units, pay items, and tracking categories on timesheets before approving or declining them. Payroll is available in Michigan, Wisconsin, and South Carolina (US).

Item code option for standard branding themes.

22 September 2016

New direct feed (US) - Wells Fargo.

19 September 2016

Automatic activity statement calculations (AU) - W1 and W2 fields.

14 September 2016

Manage PayPal and Stripe transaction fees automatically.

6 September 2016

New direct feed (AU) - Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative.

30 August 2016

Payroll: Annual leave balances (NZ) - These can now be set up to show accrued leave on payslips and the employee portal. Pay items (All regions) - We have refreshed pages about how to add a new pay item in payroll.

29 August 2016

Xero for Android - Import contacts from your device; rename files in your Files Inbox.

12 August 2016

Get bank notifications in Xero for Android.

3 August 2016

New direct feed (AU) - Woolworths Employee Credit Union (WECU).

2 August 2016

Automatically include your organisation's logo in your standard branding theme.

New direct feed (Singapore) - United Overseas Bank (UOB).

27 July 2016

Copy the last items - Xero gives you an option to copy the line items from the last invoice or bill when creating a new one.

Manual journal balance - When you add a journal line, Xero automatically enters the opposite debit or credit to balance it.

26 July 2016

New Report Centre. Ability to search, favourite new reports and save multiple custom versions of a report to the new Custom tab.

New layout editor for financial reports.

Report templates for Partner Edition practices (UK).

22 July 2016

File your GST and provisional income tax return online (NZ).

We've integrated with Tax1099, so you can automatically submit your 1099 form to the Internal Revenue Service (US).

12 July 2016

New direct feed (NZ) - ATS Ruralco.

Payroll: We've increased the number of pay runs you can trial from 2 to 4. So if you're on a weekly payroll, you can run the pay for a full 30 day cycle.

7 July 2016

Microsoft Power BI add-on.

4 July 2016

New direct feed (UK) - Barclays.

28 June 2016

Export uncoded statement lines.

24 June 2016

Set up direct feeds with CBA online (AU).

21 June 2016

Payroll: E-pay & e-file sending/filing dates (US), new payroll reports (NZ).

8 June 2016

Bank statements now look similar to your online banking with bank statement lines in date order, a running balance, and search.

New direct feed (AU) - Churches of Christ Financial Services (CCFS).

7 June 2016

Payroll: Employment allowances now automatically update to the general ledger (UK).

4 June 2016

New payment service - Braintree, online invoice enhancements.

31 May 2016

Fingerprint login for Xero for Android.

24 May 2016

Payroll: Payroll is available in Arizona (US), Final Pay values now on payment summaries and Payment Summary Reports (AU).

20 May 2016

Copy an invoice to new invoice, a quote, a purchase order or a bill.

11 May 2016

Report filters.

10 May 2016

Payroll: Payroll is available in Ohio (US); Employee Contact Details Report (AU)

6 May 2016

New direct feed (NZ) - ANZ credit card accounts.

26 April 2016

New direct feed (AU) - The Rock; Payroll (US): Payroll is available in Pennsylvania.

18 April 2016

Assurance Dashboard.

12 April 2016

Payroll (AU): Prepopulated W1 and W2 amounts in activity statements; mark superannuation contributions as paid.

8 April 2016

Office 365 integration.

1 April 2016

New Fixed Asset Reconciliation report; Payroll: (US) Payroll is available in Georgia.

18 March 2016

New export file format (.dbf) for Intuit ProSeries; add a payment to an invoice in Xero for Android; preview online invoices.

15 March 2016

Payroll: End of Year Reporting (UK); Scottish Tax rate for Scottish taxpayers (UK); View pension contributions in the Pension Contribution Report (UK).

9 March 2016

Export fixed assets to CSV file; delete unused fixed asset types; assign billable expenses in Xero for iOS; new direct feed (AU) - MyState Bank.

17 February 2016

Payroll: Automatic Enrolment for Workplace Pensions (UK); Xero Me employee dashboard (AU, NZ, UK, US). Using 3D Touch in Xero for iOS.

9 February 2016

Disposed assets no longer reverse when you roll back depreciation; new direct feeds (AU) - Horizon Credit Union and Intech Credit Union.

4 February 2016

Employee timesheets for all payroll users (NZ and UK); payment service improvements.

3 February 2016

Improved process for applying for direct feeds with some banks and financial institutions (AU and NZ).

2 February 2016

Payroll: Yearly Compliance (NZ).

22 January 2016

Contacts enhancements.

21 January 2016

Access common actions from anywhere in Xero with the new + icon in the header.

19 January 2016

Payroll: Employee bulk upload (NZ); 2015/2016 tax calculations (US).

14 January 2016

Assign billable expenses to a customer while adding a receipt in Xero for Android; Safari 7 support discontinued.

12 January 2016

New direct feeds (AU) - Baplink and South West Credit.


22 December 2015

Payroll: Report to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) with AusKey (AU).

21 December 2015

New contacts features, including contact activity stream and email integration.

17 December 2015

New Statement of Cash Flows report for all customers with access to reports.

16 December 2015

Improved process for applying for direct feeds with some partner banks.

11 December 2015

New features for partners using report templates, including a Statement of Cash Flows report (NZ, AU, Global); Search now available for fixed assets.

10 December 2015

New direct feed (AU) - Suncorp Bank.

8 December 2015

Payroll: Changes to tax filings (US); Final pays in employee payslips (AU).

New direct feeds (AU) - Baptist Financial Services and ECU Australia.

7 December 2015

Two-step authentication.

3 December 2015

Centralised searching across Xero, with shortcuts to commonly viewed screens; Billable Expenses - Outstanding report; Billable Expenses status panel added to Sales dashboard.

30 November 2015

Improvements to adding a bank account.

24 November 2015

Payroll: Employee payslip display (AU); Employee leave (NZ); Sign up for payroll in Xero (NZ, UK); Warning message for bank account changes (NZ, UK, US); Cancel tax payments (US).

17 November 2015

New direct feeds (AU) - BDCU Alliance Bank and DDH Graham.

14 November 2015

New payroll leave workflows for Australia.

11 November 2015

Invoice reminders for customers with awaiting payment invoices.

10 November 2015

Payroll: Payroll credit notes match to outstanding bills (US); Cancel federal tax payments (US); Send time off requests to multiple approvers (US UK); Send leave requests to multiple approvers (NZ).

4 November 2015

Check your login history; new direct feed (AU) - Tyro Payments.

27 October 2015

Payroll: Leave Balances & Time Off Balances reports show four decimal places (AU US); Tax filing form information saved (US).

Help for Xero's mobile apps; new direct feeds (AU) - Auswide Bank, Bank Australia, Holiday Coast Credit Union, Northern Inland Credit Union.

19 October 2015

Pricing plan changes (NZ, UK) - payroll unbundled and becomes add-on for Starter, Standard and Premium plans; Premium plan price reduced.

13 October 2015

Payroll: Revert manual tax payments (US); Cancel electronic tax payments (US); Time off balances appear when submitting or approving requests (UK, US); Leave balances appear when submitting or approving requests (NZ).

8 October 2015

Report templates for global region; ability to assign billable expenses when creating spend money transactions.

6 October 2015

NAB (National Australia Bank) loan enquiry (AU).

29 September 2015

Payroll: Employees can manage their own information (AU, NZ, UK, US); Leave request approvals (NZ, UK, US); Public holidays added for Victoria (AU); Set PAYE scheme cease date; (UK) BACS processing date set to payment date (UK); Payroll credit notes (US); Taxes & Filings activity log (US).

22 September 2015

Fixed Assets rebuilt; Inventory Item Summary report.

15 September 2015

Payroll: Upcoming tax payment advice, send employee payslip messages (NZ, UK, US); Holidays included in employee payslips (US); Selecting accounts for pay items (AU, US); Calculate ADP for employee leave (NZ).

10 September 2015

Billable expenses; mark inventory items as inactive or active.

9 September 2015

New UK direct feed - Metro Bank; new AU direct feeds - Bank of Sydney, Bendigo Bank, Delphi Bank and Rural Bank.

1 September 2015

Payroll: Payslip template moved to Organisation tab (AU); Transfer marriage allowances to a partner (UK).

17 August 2015

Copy an invoice from the invoice list tabs; merge multiple sales invoices into a new invoice; edit paid invoices and bills; new look invoice screens; description field no longer required for bills and manual journals; new AU direct feed - Bananacoast Community Credit Union (bcu).

Payroll: Alaska, Hawaii and North Carolina payroll tax calculations (US); Xero Me to manage leave and view pay history on your phone (AU); simplified end employment process (NZ); pension contribution calculations on qualifying earnings (UK).

4 August 2015

Payroll: South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming payroll tax calculations (US); ATO submission history (AU); Set directorship start and end dates (UK).

27 July 2015

Default tax settings for purchase orders and quotes; currency placeholders in email templates; import multiple manual journals; reports rounding change to truncation. New AU direct feed - eWAY.

23 July 2015

Set up NAB direct feeds online (AU).

20 July 2015

Employee emergency contact information; Payroll in Xero for businesses in New Hampshire (US); Taxes and filings notifications (US); Payroll reporting (UK); Correct an EPS submission after it's accepted (UK).

9 July 2015

Inventory Item List Report; revert tracked inventory items to untracked; free conversions from MYOB (AU partners); convert QuickBooks Enterprise files (US).

Payroll: Payroll in Xero for businesses in Illinois and Nevada (US); Protected Earnings Amount (UK); pro-rata pay for leavers (UK).

23 June 2015

Payroll for Maryland and Tennessee (US); Payroll updates for the new financial year (AU).

22 June 2015

Direct feeds available for ANZ Business One Visa Credit Card accounts (AU only).

15 June 2015

Cash coding enhancements; New report templates (AU); New receivable and payable reports; Enhancements to editing reports; Set exchange rate for range of dates.

9 June 2015

Payroll: Indiana payroll tax calculations (US); Payroll overview includes a calendar; Annual leave (NZ); Xero AUSkey to lodge EOY payment summaries (AU).

New Practice Administrator permission level available for multiple practice staff.

4 June 2015

The business performance dashboard; Internet Explorer 10 support discontinued.

27 May 2015

Payroll: Payroll in Xero for businesses in Colorado and support for Utah e-services (US); easier auto-super registration (AU); PDF report for payroll filing (NZ). New direct feed - Reliance Credit Union (AU).

18 May 2015

Ability to include accounts other than bank accounts in batch deposits; new batch payment export formats for Santander Bank customers (UK). New direct bank feeds - Santander Corporate and Commercial (UK); Maritime Mining & Power Credit Union (AU).

12 May 2015

New direct bank feed (AU) - Beyond Bank.

Payroll: Electronic payroll filing and payments for New Jersey and Virginia (US); Resubmit RTI filings to HMRC (UK); Revert a pay run (UK); KiwiSaver Employee Details (KED) file (NZ).

7 May 2015

QuickBooks conversion for businesses (US).

5 May 2015

New direct bank feed (AU) - P&N Bank.

28 April 2015

Payroll: File the Employer Monthly Schedule (NZ); view all paystubs or payslips for an employee (NZ, UK and US); KiwiBank payment files (NZ); add and view work locations in payroll settings more easily (US).

20 April 2015

Find and recode multiple transactions; default tax settings for sales and purchases; more bank transaction references displayed; statement balance placeholder added to email templates; send multiple statements — ability to deselect; quick-find addresses on quotes, purchase orders and cheques (US); new direct bank feeds (AU) — Summerland Credit Union and Banking on Football.

14 April 2015

Payroll: request a call back from Xero Support; employee and employer opening balances (UK); schedule EPS (UK); bank files for Westpac, ASB and BNZ (NZ); pay run Payments Report (NZ); EDF for small and large employers (NZ).

31 March 2015

Process a pay run in payroll in Xero for NZ and UK.

24 March 2015

New and improved inventory; online quotes; report templates, new user permission and reporting name change for partners (NZ); side-by-side file attachments; unmerge contacts; email file attachments with invoices; notification pop-ups; cheque numbers displaying in bank rec; lock date naming made easier; partners able to create trial business organisations from My Xero.

17 March 2015

New direct bank feeds (AU) - Broken Hill Community Credit Union and Pulse Credit Union.

10 March 2015

New direct bank feed (UK) - RBS International.

4 March 2015

Payroll in Xero for NZ and UK.

2 March 2015

Cheques for Canada; create quote or purchase order from contact record; set default expiry date for quotes; transfer and add another bank transfer; changes to reports for US and UK organisations.

9 February 2015

New notifications inbox; search across quotes; ability to copy quote to purchase order or bill; filter new reports by tracking; repeating journal placeholders, manual VAT adjustments (UK).

3 February 2015

Payroll (US): Electronic payroll filing and payments for NY (US); Time off email notifications improved.

27 January 2015

Payroll (AU, US): Employee payment method improvements.

21 January 2015

Quotes; new column in aged payables and receivables reports; text block title options in new reports; quickly find address information for your contacts and your own organisation (US); larger page sizes for browsing statements; purchase order number in Reference field when creating a bill from a purchase order; inbuilt calculator on conversion or comparative balances; ability to hide deleted and voided invoices on Customer Invoice report; Approve & Add Another option on credit notes.

15 January 2015

Electronic payroll filing and payments for CA, FL, and TX (US); Form 940, Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return available for 2014 (US); Payslip layout (AU); Payroll tax e-file, e-pay and Direct Deposit available to payroll customers (US).


15 December 2014

New look Help Centre; new look dashboard; dynamic date placeholders; Reference placeholder for email templates; tax inclusive option when importing invoices, bills and credit notes; 'New' contact indicator; repeating journals and the ability to archive manual journals; switch rules in reports to move accounts according to debit/credit balance; report footers (accounting partners only); new columns on the Account Transactions report (tracking, net, tax and gross); support for MOSS VAT (UK); copy credit notes; more bank rule options for the Reference field; default due date improvements; ability to drill down from new Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Movements In Equity reports; Bank of Queensland partner feed.

9 December 2014

Public holidays improvements; payroll settings updates; new payroll reports (US); new annual forms and electronic filing (US).

24 November 2014

New Movements in Equity report; add text blocks to new reports; create cash receipts; pay expense claims and credit note refunds by cheque (US); view or print remittance advice PDFs; give Xero access to your organisation when asking for help; deleted and voided items removed from All and Summary tabs; support discontinuing for old browser versions.

11 November 2014

Payroll (US): W-2 Wage and Tax Statement available to e-file; My Payroll updated; Time off requests easier to handle. Payroll (AU) Superannuation fund lists show USI.

New partner bank feed (AU) - WAW Credit Union.

5 November 2014

New partner bank feed (NZ) - Fonterra RD1.

3 November 2014

New Balance Sheet report; contact account numbers; ability to void checks on specified dates (US); New Reports link on main Reports menu; contacts search faster and smarter.

15 October 2014

Payroll (US): Updates to employee details, employee taxes, time off scheduling by payroll admins, time off screens and paystub settings including cheque layout. Payroll (AU): Updates to employee details, payslip design, updated bank payments, pay journal and employee summary reports.

New partner bank feed (AU) - Coastline Credit Union.

13 October 2014

New user permission - Contact Bank Account Admin; tracking on bank transfers; attach files to inventory items; improvements for sending invoices; improvements to bank reconciliation prompts; Payroll Admin assigned by default.

30 September 2014

New partner bank feed (AU) - First Option Credit Union.

25 September 2014

Attach files to support requests while logged in to Xero.

22 September 2014

Opening and closing balances on Account Transactions report; inventory items - new details screen including recent transactions, history and notes; purchase order improvements; email templates increased to 10; CSV import file asterisks for required fields; IRIS trial balance export.

15 September 2014

Payroll (US): Federal e-pay for employment and unemployment tax payments.
Payroll (AU): Change to payroll year options for new organisations.

8 September 2014

Batch deposits, faster spend/receive money data entry, new Profit and Loss report, new Disposal Schedule report for fixed assets, export invoices and bills, receipts for invoice payments, improved search for contacts when entering transactions, new inventory item fields, VAT return changes for flat rate VAT (UK).

2 September 2014

New partner bank feed (AU) - Goulburn Murray Credit Union.

18 August 2014

Payroll (AU): General ledger integration, negative pay runs, employee notes, employees search, updated overview screen and new overview info bar. Payroll (US): Employee notes, updated employees screen showing previous employees.

14 August 2014

New partner bank feed (AU) - B&E.

11 August 2014

New Account Transactions and Depreciation Schedule reports; search for invoices and bills by amount; Square integration opened up to our Canadian customers; allow other users to refresh Yodlee MFA bank feeds; insert registered address and tax number into remittance advices.

4 August 2014

New partner bank feeds (UK) - NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland.

29 July 2014

New partner bank feed (UK) - Silicon Valley Bank.

22 July 2014

Payroll (US) – New Overview screen; new organisation payroll setup guide; updates to new employee set up.

21 July 2014

QuickBooks conversion for your clients’ organisations (US partners); remittance advice standard branding themes available; bank reconciliation auto-suggest can now be turned on or off; online invoice link easier to insert; manual journals more easily reordered; Internet Explorer 8 support discontinuing; invoice and bill imports improved; automatic numbering sequence improved; bank reconciliation incorrect matches handled better.

15 July 2014

New partner bank feed (US) - Silicon Valley Bank.

8 July 2014

New partner bank feed (NZ) - PGG Wrightson.

25 June 2014

Payroll (AU) – File your payment summary annual report online with the ATO, updates to Auto-Super for SuperStream and more. Payroll (US) – File your federal payroll tax forms directly with the IRS using e-file.

23 June 2014

New Smart Lists; 4 decimal places for unit prices; new payment service - Authorize.Net; new consultant permission as an alternative to staff; Practice Admin role renamed Principal; default accounts and tracking; archive and restore tracking categories and options; new tax rates - EC Acquisitions and Reverse Charges (UK); import default branding theme on contact; improvement to repeating invoices when contact email changes; improvement to the file library; new login screen.

12 June 2014

New partner bank feed (AU) - IMB Building Society.

28 May 2014

New partner bank feed (AU) - Maitland Mutual Building Society.

27 May 2014

Added new Electronic Service Address Alias field for self-managed super fund (AU).

21 May 2014

New partner bank feed (AU) - Rural Finance.

19 May 2014

New payables and receivables reports; bulk status change on repeating invoices; option for Adviser to set lock date from conversion screen; import foreign currency invoices; auto-create new line on manual journals.

30 April 2014

New partner bank feed (AU) - Community Mutual Group.

29 April 2014

Automatic creation of payroll time off liability journals (US).

28 April 2014

Ability to remove planned payment dates on bills; new default payment due date option for individual contacts; removal of automatic lock after completion of setup wizard; removal of legacy GST and VAT rates for new Xero organisations; ability to check your bank's website when setting up Yodlee bank feeds; added statement import date to the Bank Reconciliation Summary report, and a link to the statement.

7 April 2014

Download and print pre-populated, payroll tax worksheets for Florida, New Jersey, and Texas (US); download and print pre-populated, Virginia quarterly payroll unemployment form (US).

31 March 2014

Integrate with point-of-sale service Square (US).

25 March 2014

Generate and print payroll tax forms (US); view history of payroll taxes that are marked as paid and tax forms that are marked as filed (US).

24 March 2014

New export option when making bulk check payments (US); e-Learning available in new regions (US and AU); updated Help search function in Xero.

10 March 2014

EC Sales List report (UK); e-Learning (UK and NZ); include files with online invoices; attach files to payslips and pay runs; edit the branding theme on paid invoices; embed your profile.

24 February 2014

Payroll available for Texas (US); mark payroll tax payments as paid (US); choose a primary work location (US); payment date displays on Pay Run screen (AU).

17 February 2014

Xero Profiles; new user account management screen; Standard user + No Reports; trial balance exports added for TaxACT, Keytime, Taxcalc, Forbes Accounts; bank rec split payment improvement.

27 January 2014

New look header; remove yourself from an organisation; attach files to purchase orders; New Zealand Business Number (NZ).


9 December 2013

Payroll for 6 states (US); pricing changes; enhancements to Files; multiple email addresses on contacts; inventory items on spend/receive money; cheque alignment improvements (US); search for contact address on purchase orders; period selection on Taxable Payments Annual Report (AU); statement search; reference on bank transfers.

13 November 2013

New partner bank feed (AU) - Greater Building Society.

11 November 2013

Purchase orders; updated GST return (NZ).

29 October 2013

New partner bank feed (AU) - Investec Specialist Bank.

24 October 2013

New file upload types (EML, MSG, 7Z, ODS, ODT, KEYNOTE, PAGES, NUMBERS) added to file attachments.

23 October 2013

Updated partner bank feed (NZ) - ASB: term deposits, loans, foreign currency.

21 October 2013

Attach files to all sorts of things in Xero; improved EC sales VAT reporting (UK).

15 October 2013

Search by SPIN for regulated superannuation funds (AU only).

10 October 2013

New partner bank feed (US) - City National Bank.

30 September 2013

Inbuilt calculator added for sales invoices, bills, spend money, receive money.

9 September 2013

NBS - new batch payment export format; HSBC (UK) - export batch payments without service user or owner ID number.

19 August 2013

Financial Adviser user role renamed 'Adviser'; inbuilt calculator added for manual journals; TIN/EIN/SSN added to the Organisation Settings screen (US only).

5 August 2013

Payroll tax file number declaration online filing (AU only); Payroll reporting tweaks (AU only); organisation name in the SMS for auto super authorisations (AU only).

31 July 2013

New partner bank feeds (AU) - BankSA, Bankwest, Bank of Melbourne, St George.

29 July 2013

Bank Reconciliation screen - delete bank statement lines re-enabled; Bank Reconciliation report - new message to check Xero bank balances with bank; Invoice Only - Sales/Purchase roles - hide sales or purchase figures from Contacts.

8 July 2013

Partner Edition organisation groups and favourites; public profile in Organisation and Practice Settings; History & Notes Activity report; duplicate repeating invoice warning; client codes (Partner Edition).

19 June 2013

Payroll (AU) changes to support the year-end process in Xero, including a payment summary redesign and changes to align with the SGC legislation updates.

17 June 2013

eWAY payment service; email settings; Taxable Payments Report (AU); inventory items codes in invoice imports.

27 May 2013

Payment services; invoice branding: grouping of tax subtotals, information displayed on fx invoices; unmark as reconciled option.

6 May 2013

Manual journals show amount out of balance; date format display changes (US): History & Notes, expense claims, fixed assets, purchases, pay run.

17 April 2013

Payroll (AU): updated and improved reporting functionality including new reports, the ability to customise your report layouts, and other options. New DOCX field for invoice templates (all regions): 'TaxPercentageOrName'.

2 April 2013

Payroll (AU only): update to videos in Xero Payroll; new Earnings Type field when you add an earnings rate (allowing us to support varying types of tax calculations on earnings in the future).

25 March 2013

VAT online filing (UK); zero rate tax name changes (AU); Remove and Redo button replaces Delete and Unreconcile buttons in bank reconciliation; more control over user roles; invoice updates.

18 February 2013

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement trial balance export (US).

4 February 2013

Report packs (AU); Lacerte tax software export (US).


10 December 2012

Email templates; remittance advice on single payments; outstanding statements; new Sales and Purchases dashboards replace Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable; automatically reversing journals; 1099 Report (US); updated Income Statement and Balance Sheet layouts; chart of accounts search; payment terms; due date shortcuts; change subscriber; social links for online invoicing; change to timeout length; contacts export for contact groups.

3 December 2012

Payroll changes (AU only): employee timesheets; timesheet templates for administrators and employees; ability for authorised managers to approve timesheets without Payroll Admin role.

24 October 2012

Online invoices - customer comments and mobile view; new bank feeds - Heartland Building Society (NZ), The Co-operative Bank (NZ), Macquarie Bank (AU), Hume Building Society (AU).

23 October 2012

Payroll changes (AU only): filtering employee lists; pending super fund details.

1 October 2012

Online invoices; report schedules (NZ, Partner Edition).

17 September 2012

Remittance advice; multiple budgets with tracking; export contacts by group; new currency totals for invoices; address lookups extended (NZ and AU); HSBC batch payment file format supported (NZ); Rabobank bank feeds (NZ or AU); new default chart of accounts for the US.

2 September 2012

Payroll changes (AU only): multiple draft pay runs, payslip changes and new superannuation contribution type for RESC.

26 July 2012

Payroll Admin changes: introduction of a new Payroll-only role with Payroll Admin access (AU); restrictions to who can grant or remove Payroll Admin access (all regions).

16 July 2012

Cash basis added to Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports; new My Xero dashboard; new General Settings with favourites; approve and move to next invoice; include account balances in Xero COA import file; import fixed assets with tracking.

28 May 2012

Fully integrated Payroll for Australia.

14 May 2012

Cheques (US); Budget CSV import/export; new report codes (NZ); NZ Home Loans bank feeds; tracking on bank rec and coded statements; Xero centred in browser.

20 February 2012

Accounts receivable discounts and invoice line reordering; Communities site launched; HTML graphs; report pack functionality changes (NZ); report text formatting; BAS Return - T2/T3 field updates (AU); depreciation calculating daily; BGL Simple Fund GL export option (AU); sort order and page size remembered (extended); search improvements (contacts).


19 December 2011

Budget manager fixed column headings and new account totals; CRT-Farmlands and BarterCard bank feeds (NZ); report pack changes; new Customer Invoice Report; new Supplier Invoice Report; fixed assets - register and add another; contact bank account history recorded; bank rules - new any text condition; AR and AP - how much is due; sort order remembered.

23 November 2011

Overpayments; prepayments; spend and receive money screen changes; VAT late claims (UK); update login email address; TSB batch payment export file (NZ); address lookup (AU), duplicate AP invoice warning; full screen reports; Profit & Loss - variance amount; improved bank rec matching; search repeating invoice templates; Highrise - supporting multiple accounts; Partner Edition - Cashbook and Ledger limited invoicing.

22 September 2011

Updated Annual Accounts report (AU); New Partner Edition report pack layouts available (NZ).

15 August 2011

1500 new bank feeds for MFA supported banks; US version; US Partner Edition (US); Partner Edition report packs (NZ); manage Partner Edition staff access to organisations; Highrise contact imports (Xero add-on); manual journal cash option; future conversion date; bank sort codes (UK).

23 May 2011

Invoice & receipt attachments; create new report by copying a published one; address lookup service (NZ); Arial Unicode MS fonts for DOCX; Excel export format updated; a step towards full MFA support for Yodlee feeds; NBS bank feeds (NZ).

23 March 2011

Payroll; employee role name change (to Invoice Only); Partner Edition - now available to global partners & staff can add orgs to practice; contact import updates; new fields for DOCX templates to create tax incl invoices; Google Docs export fix; Help Menu change to bigger question field; reports via API; automated payment dishonoured notifications.

14 February 2011

More automatic bank feeds for New Zealand and Australian credit cards; General Ledger export for Sage HandiLedger; CSV imports for manual journals; improvements to PayPal feeds; API updates; Answers for Developers forum for discussing Xero's API features.

13 January 2011

Bank feeds via Yodlee for US banks.


16 December 2010

Custom templates using MS Word (DOCX); detailed account transaction report; bulk emailing invoices & statements; edit reconciled spend/receive money transactions; tabs on bank account detail screen for quicker access to bank rec & statements; edit posted manual journals; mm/dd/yyyy format now accepted for date input; updated address format for postcode placement; API updates for returning journals, invoice branding & custom URLs; trial orgs changed to large pricing plan; new NZ demo data; NZ Differential Reporting.

30 November 2010

Bank feeds via Yodlee for UK banks, feeds for more Australian banks.

2 November 2010

Australian bank feeds via Yodlee; initial release of notification inbox; reference field on repeating invoices screen; 'View Report' link on Contact Details.

29 September 2010

Inventory Items; GST changes (NZ) to introduce report for adjustments & changes to how GST Return calculates GST - adjustments & 15%; Westpac bank feed in Australia; more data in Kiwibank (NZ) bank feed; Analysis Code field recognised in Bank Rec; auto-complete line item description on Manual Journals; updates My Xero search.

16 August 2010

VAT adjustments (UK); spend and receive money editing; GST changes (NZ); report changes (Journal Report and Reconciliation Reports); partner updates - new Ledger Plan, updated Managed Client role.

30 June 2010

Invoice branding to customise invoice & statement layout; export GL to APS-XPA; fixed assets importer; negative percentages in bank rec rules; ref column on statements; bank rec comments on cash coding tab.

10 May 2010

Improved importing of accounts from MYOB & BankLink (NZ & Australia only), batch payment improvements for Australian banks; more fields available when importing Contacts; fixes for account drop-down sorting, remembering bank account search results; import changes flowing through to Account Transactions report; double-click prevented in Cash Coding.

29 March 2010

Xero Personal; xero.com makeover; API long term OAuth tokens; FreshBooks multi-currency; partner updates - report codes, report logo, Partner Edition name change.

21 February 2010

Bank rules; moving planned payment date for multiple payable invoices at once; addition of DE user ID field for Australia; behind the scenes log in system enhancements.


16 December 2009

Batch payments; full editing of approved invoices; 0.00 or no value line items; flat rate VAT (UK); replacement of account '821-GST/VAT on Imports' with new tax rate for GST/VAT on imports; tax settings (No Tax, Tax Inclusive, Tax Exclusive) remembered from last transaction.

13 November 2009

Automatically email AR repeat invoices; cash coding; imported coded bank statement lines; FreshBooks integration (beta); own tax rates for NZ & Australia; manage staff access grid in Accountants Edition; improved link action on reports; addition to company information section in Annual Report.

11 October 2009

New pricing plans Small, Medium, Large; My Xero add organisation process streamlined; updates to Bank Rec report; 'No Tax' disables tax rate column on transaction entry screens.

8 September 2009

New 'read only' role and 2nd employee role; process part payments & bank fees in bank rec including multi-currency; updates to transfers screen & exchange rate entry for multi-currency; run Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet in another currency; new account type Non-current asset & term liability changed to Non-current liability; changes to Profit & Loss and Executive Summary for income tracking; contact person and attention to field added to Contacts; general redesign of how contact detail screen looks; updated graphs; customise PDF statement; use address padding on invoices/statements for window envelopes; save & add another option on spend/receive money.

29 July 2009

PayPal feed for automatic import of PayPal transactions; import CSV bank statements; further multi-currency enhancements following initial release; feedback icons; sort/hide bank accounts on Dashboard; graphs use expected or planned payments dates instead of invoice due date where used; Demo now runs for 28 days before expiring.

22 June 2009

Introduction of multi-currency (foreign currencies); planned payment date for Accounts Payable Awaiting Payment invoices; specify bank, credit card or PayPal when entering a bank account.

8 April 2009

Redesigned Help Centre and search from Xero help menu; import invoices; report updates (PDF no cents, Balance Sheet/Cash Summary additional comparison options, statement balance on Bank Reconciliation report, move working capital items on Cash Summary); GST/VAT Reconciliation report; journal to GST/VAT/Sales Tax account; new Adviser tab reports - Reconciliation Reports and Abbreviated Accounts for UK, updated annual report; copy spend/receive money; conversion balance grid; export GL transactions; display sales tax component names on invoices.

12 March 2009

Fixed Assets; Contact import/export; view archived Contacts; format PDF invoice; filtering on Bank Summary and Cash Summary reports; expected payment date for Accounts Receivable Awaiting Payment invoices; budget moved to Reports menu.

2 February 2009

Add a default tax rate for a Contact; for UK organisations - zero rated EC sales and purchases tax codes and ability to add your own tax rates; My Xero for Accountants Edition; tax rate and quantity input fields to 4dp; global invoice PDFs titled 'Invoice' rather than 'Tax Invoice'; Cash Manager role removed (Standard Edition); choose to log directly into My Xero; bank feeds for Commonwealth Bank CBA.


22 December 2008

Global version allowing all other countries beyond New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom to use Xero; PayPal link on invoices to receive online payments; enter historical credit notes (from previous accounting system) and process cash refunds using credit notes; import Australian versions of MYOB into Australian organisations; update tax rates in bulk on accounts in the Chart of Accounts; new General Settings page including split of organisation and financial settings.

15 December 2008

Bank feeds for ANZ Australia.

25 November 2008

Bank feeds for National Australia Bank NAB.

9 November 2008

Introduced a new way of processing invoices, credit notes and payments behind the scenes which allows for credit notes can be raised for customers or suppliers; PLUS: AR Dashboard - new Top 10 Debtors and Debtor Exposure graphs, transaction reports show descriptions entered on the reports, Aged Payables and Receivables now show credit amounts.

30 September 2008

Introduction of Xero into Australia, 'common formats' on P&L and Budget Variance reports, report format in Add Account pop-up in Chart of Accounts.

2 September 2008

My Xero redesign, Price List reports, Cashbook Client user role (Xero Accountants Edition), Contact Groups, print Accounts Payable invoice.

5 August 2008

Invoice layout improvements for entering and viewing invoices, bulk processing, price list, Tracking Summary Report, UK company registration number and address, improved printing and email of invoices, credit notes and statements.

17 July 2008

Westpac automatic bank feeds.

17 June 2008

Bank improvements - delete, unreconcile, mark transactions as reconciled directly from the bank account; delete, unreconcile, restore deleted items directly from an imported bank statement.

30 May 2008

Employee and Cash Manager roles, year end lock date, save invoices in draft without all fields completed, Invite Xero Support button, Money Coming In and Money Going Out graphs updated.

7 May 2008

Provisional tax on GST Return, customise layout for Balance Sheet and P&L, default sets of annual reports based on organisation type, export reports to Google Docs, 50 customer enhancement requests.

16 April 2008

Customer statements, payments to or from accounts that aren't bank accounts, manual journals, tracking on Balance Sheet.

28 March 2008

Edit AR invoice number, load Comparative Balances, Set up wizard, import MYOB or BankLink accounts (NZ only), changes to Conversion (Starting) balances.

2 March 2008

Xero to Xero transactions, updated display of Contact details.

19 February 2008

Tracking (our term for cost centres, department codes etc), P&L by date range as well as period, guide to how Xero does its accounting, much much larger box for entering invoice, transaction and receipt descriptions.

4 February 2008

Negative line items on invoices, weekly or fortnightly repeating transactions, get to your bank rec directly from My Xero, see who can manage users for your organisation.

22 January 2008

Delete bank statement lines, new/updated user roles, import and export the Chart of Accounts and new General Ledger Report.


19 December 2007

Search bank transactions, Contact improvements, AR/AP workflow.

10 December 2007

Update to GST Report, My Xero and introduction of UK Xero and Help Centre.

18 November 2007

Credit notes, lock dates, BNZ bank feeds.

3 October 2007

Improvements to the Chart of Accounts, Dashboard and Starting Balances and introduction of a new role 'Financial Adviser'.

13 September 2007

Bank Reconciliation, Automated Bank Feeds and Reports.

28 August 2007

Negative line items, Expense Claims and Dashboard improvements.

3 August 2007

Repeating transactions and My Xero.

27 June 2007

Contacts, invoice enhancements (logo, sequential invoice numbering), bank reconciliation and Contact-based reports.

25 May 2007

Basic search, billing.

18 May 2007

Budget, updated PDF invoices, browser detection.

1 May 2007

Bank Reconciliation adjustment.

20 April 2007

Updated Chart of Accounts and expense claims.

13 April 2007

Cash Summary Report.

30 March 2007

Edit accounts and manual journals.

16 March 2007

Getting Started tour, aged payables and receivables reports, updated organisation settings and bank account entry.

12 March 2007

Delete bank statements, updated login and user invitations.

4 March 2007

Report Centre.

28 February 2007

Forgotten password, online help, Getting Started, set starting balances, delete/archive accounts, default invoice text, users, GST return, delete bank transactions, print and delete/void accounts payable and receivable invoices.