Create a quote in Xero for iOS

Create and send a quote while on the go with Xero for iOS. You can also mark a quote as sent.

  1. From the Dashboard, or any Sales screen, tap +, then tap Create quote.
  2. Complete the Who's it for? field.
  3. (Optional) Select an expiry date.
  4. Tap Add items & quantities.
  5. Tap Item description and type a description, or if you've set up inventory items in Xero, select the item from your inventory list.
  6. Complete the account, quantity, price, and tax fields.
  7. (Optional) Tap Optional details to add a title and summary, add a reference, add a branding name and terms or change the currency.
  8. (Optional) Tap Options, to add a discount or delete an item.
  9. Tap Save. Depending on your user role you can then tap Send.

To add files to a quote, you'll need to log in to Xero using your web browser.

Mark a quote as sent in Xero for iOS

If you've used a method other than email to deliver a quote, such as printing out a paper copy, you can manually mark the quote as sent. You can only mark a quote as sent if it has a status of Draft.

  1. Tap Sales, then scroll down to quotes.
  2. Tap Draft, then tap the quote to open it.
  3. Tap Options then tap Mark as Sent.