User roles in Xero HQ

Find out about the user roles available for staff in Xero HQ.


An Administrator can:

A user can be an Administrator in only one practice. If you invite the user into another practice, give them a Standard role or invite them using a different email address.


A Standard user can only see the clients they have access to. Depending on their client-level permissions, they can either edit or only view their clients' details. You can also give Standard users permission to edit report templates at the practice level.

Standard (Consultant)

If you add someone in Xero Partner Edition with Consultant permissions, they appear in Xero HQ with the Standard (Consultant) role. They have the same permissions as a Standard user.

You can't change a staff member from a Standard (Consultant) role to any other role. You'll need to remove the staff member from your practice and invite them in again with the new role.

Master administrator

The Master administrator has the same permissions as an Administrator, but only the Master administrator can:

Only one person in your practice can have the Master administrator role. The Master administrator in one practice cannot use the same login to be a Master administrator or Administrator in another practice.