Compare user roles and permissions in Xero HQ and Xero Partner Edition

Learn more about user roles and permissions when you move from Xero Partner Edition to Xero HQ.

User roles

Compare user roles between Xero Partner Edition and Xero HQ.

Xero Partner Edition roleXero HQ role
Practice AdministratorAdministrator
PrincipalMaster administrator
Staff MemberStandard
ConsultantStandard (Consultant)

Xero organisation access

If a user has access to a client's Xero organisation in Xero Partner Edition, they will have the same user role and permissions in Xero HQ.

Xero HQ permissions

Xero gives all users with the same user role the same permission for working with clients' details.

  • Standard and Standard (Consultant) users are given view only access.
  • Administrator and Master administrator user are given edit access.

You can change the permissions for Standard and Standard (Consultant) on a client-by-client basis after they've been migrated.

The Xero practice organisation

If a user has access to your practice's Xero organisation in Xero Partner Edition, they'll have access to it in Xero HQ.


Any changes you make to a staff member's user role, permissions, or Xero organisation access in either Xero HQ or Xero Partner Edition are applied to the staff member in both places automatically.

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