Update or add client details

Update existing details about your clients, or enter additional information, like their logo, website and address.

How it works

When you drill into a client you see some of the details about the client in the panel on the right side of the screen, including:

  • The client's name and, if you've uploaded one, their logo
  • Any telephone numbers, emails, websites, or addresses you've entered for the client
You must have Practice Administrator or Principal permissions to update or add clients in Xero HQ.

Primary action

You'll see a primary action on the panel specific to the type of client.

  • If the client is connected to a Xero organisation, click Go to Xero to go to their Xero organisation.
  • If the client is not connected to Xero, click Connect to Xero to set up a Xero organisation for them.
  • If the client has been archived, click Restore to make them active again.

Overflow menu

Your choices when you click the menu icon Xero HQ menu icon depend on the type of client.

For a client connected to a Xero organisation:

For a client that's not connected to Xero:

You must restore an archived client before you can drill into their details.

You can't drill into the details for an organisation you've been invited into.

View and update client details

When you first create a client, you must select a business structure and enter the client's name. You can update these details or add more at any time.

  1. Click the menu icon Xero HQ menu icon and select Edit details.
  2. Enter or update the details for your client.
  3. Click Done.
Any changes you make to a client's details in Xero HQ do not change the client's organisation settings in Xero, even if you've connected the client to Xero.

Client detail fields explained

Use the client detail fields to enter details about your client. Most fields are self-explanatory.

Basic information fields

Some things to keep in mind about the fields on the Basic information tab.

  • For all fields except the client's name, you can click Add another under the field and enter more than one.
  • You can select a type for the telephone number and the address.
  • You can search for any type of address. Begin typing your address in the field. Click on the address when you see it in the list. Review the address details and edit them if required.

Business details fields

Some things to keep in mind about the fields on the Business details tab.

  • Your choices for Business structure are limited depending on what you chose when you first created the client. You can switch between:
  • Individual and Sole Trader
  • Company, Trust, and Partnership