Query groups

Use groups to reduce the number of queries shown in the query list and make it easier to find a query.

Xero HQ Ask has several built-in groups that you can use to sort the query list based on the status of the query:

  • All is the default group and displays a list of all active queries you have access to.
  • Draft shows the queries that haven’t been sent to the client yet.
  • Sent shows the queries you’ve sent to the client and are awaiting a response to.
  • Submitted shows the queries that the client has answered, either partially or completely.
  • Closed shows the queries that have been closed and removed from the list of active queries.

If you have the Administrator or Master administrator Xero HQ user role, you can also choose between:

  • My queries to see only the queries you’ve created
  • Practice queries to see all queries for all clients created by anyone in your practice