Send your Xero network key to another Xero organisation

If you want another Xero organisation to send invoices or bills straight into yours, send them your Xero network key. They'll need to add the key to your contact details in Xero, then elect to send invoices and bills to you using Xero to Xero.

Your user role determines if you can send your Xero network key.

Your Xero network key explained

  • Each Xero organisation has a unique and private network key. You'll only find out which organisations use Xero through your business dealings with them.
  • Organisations with your key don't get access to log in or see any of your organisation's data.
  • When an organisation that has your key sends you a Xero to Xero sales invoice, you'll receive it as a draft bill. You'll need to choose the account and tracking for the bill. You can only receive bills from Xero to Xero that don't have tax adjustments or credit notes. You can't receive credit notes or any other types of transactions.
  • If you want to send an organisation invoices from Xero to Xero, you'll need to ask them for their network key.
  • You cannot receive your Xero subscription bills by giving us your network key.

Send your Xero network key

Follow these steps to send your network key to another Xero organisation:

  1. Go to Settings > General Settings > Xero To Xero.
  2. Click Send Xero Network Invite.

    Image showing the Xero to Xero screen and the Send Xero Network Invite button.

  3. Enter the email address of the organisation you want to receive Xero to Xero from.
  4. Click Send.

They'll receive an email with the key, and instructions to add it to the contact details they have for you in Xero.