Tyro Payments direct feeds

Get bank account transactions from Tyro Payments sent into Xero every Tuesday to Saturday.

What you need to know

We can set up direct feeds for these eligible account types

  • Tyro Smart accounts

Automatic bill payments are enabled with Tyro direct feeds

When you create a batch payment in Xero, it will automatically upload into your Tyro Smart account. Just log in to the Tyro Payments app and approve the payment.

Before you apply

You'll need a Tyro Smart account and the Tyro mobile app

Contact Tyro if you have any questions about Tyro Smart accounts or the Tyro mobile app.

You must add your account number in Xero first

Select the Everyday (day-to-day) account type, then enter your Tyro Smart account number in the Account Number field in Xero.

Add your bank account in Xero

Set up a direct feed

  1. On your mobile device, log in to the Tyro Payments app.
  2. Under Integration with Xero, tap Learn More.
  3. Tap Connect to Xero.
  4. Tap Log in to Xero. Xero will open in your web browser.
  5. Log in to your organisation.
  6. Under Organisation, select the organisation that contains the Xero account which matches the account number shown on the left.

    Bank connect bank feed screen

  7. Under Match to account in Xero, select the account.
  8. Click Connect.

Your direct feed should start within the next banking day.