Software needed to export Xero reports

Check that you have the right software and Google account access to export Xero reports. You can export to PDF, Google Sheets, and the XLS and XLSX formats.

Xero reports in PDF

You can export Xero reports to PDF. We recommend you use Adobe Reader 6 or above to view PDFs.

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader (Adobe website)

Xero reports in Excel

Old-style reports are exported to XLS, and new-style reports are exported to XLSX. If your version of MS Excel is older than 2007, you'll need to install a compatibility pack to export new-style reports.

Download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats

Xero reports in Google Sheets

You’ll need a Google account (Gmail address) to export reports to Google Sheets. You can share the report with anyone (they don't need a Google account). You can also set the sharing settings to read-only.

When you authenticate your connection to Google Drive and export to Google Sheets, it connects your Google account with your Xero account. You can break this connection at any time.

Disconnect Xero from Google Sheets

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