Trial Balance

The Trial Balance shows your account balances at a selected date, and whether they are debit or credit balances.

About the Xero trial balance

  • The report shows two figures for each account, the year to date balance (YTD) and the balance just for the month of the report.
  • The YTD balance for revenue and expense accounts is calculated from the beginning of the financial year. The YTD balance for asset, liability and equity accounts includes the balance from previous financial years.
  • Accounts will not show on the report if they do not have either a YTD balance or balance for the month of the report.
  • If you create transactions in other currencies these are reported in your base currency.
The trial balance doesn't have the option to be run on cash basis. As an alternative, you can run the General Ledger report on cash basis, and include a year to date balance. It can be exported to Excel or Google Sheets for further editing.

Generate a trial balance

  1. Go to Reports and click All Reports.
  2. Under Accounting click Trial Balance.
  3. Select the report date, and choose to sort by account name or account code.
  4. Click Update.

View details

  • Click an account to see the Account Summary report.This shows a graph and table comparing the selected month with previous months.
  • Click a balance to see the Account Transactions report. This shows a list of the transactions making up the balance.
  • You can also use the buttons at the bottom of the report to export or print the report, or save or publish it. You can export it in Excel, PDF or Google Sheets format.