Tracking Summary Report

The Tracking Summary Report allows you to report on your accounts from a tracking point of view. If you are using tracking categories, run this report to generate a list of your tracking options showing the activity in a particular group of accounts for a particular time period.

You will need to have the Standard + All Reports or Adviser user role to access this report.

Run the report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Financial, select Tracking Summary.
  3. Select your date range in the From and To fields.
  4. Select an Account Group and the Tracking Category.
  5. Click Update to view the report.

Select filters

Account Groups

  • The groups you can choose from represent the account types from your chart of accounts, and are the same groupings used by the default Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss.
  • You can only report on one account group at a time.
  • You can customise the layout of this report to view the accounts included in each account group, move accounts between groups or create your own groups to contain specific accounts.

Tracking Category

Choose which of your tracking categories you want the report to be broken down by. It's only possible to report on one category at a time. The report will be run based on all the options you have created for the chosen category.

View report

  • All options in the tracking category that have approved transactions (except purchase orders and quotes) assigned to accounts within the account group during the period of the report will display.
  • The accounts reported on will be all the accounts that belong in that group in your chart of accounts or the groups you have changed or set up if you have created your own layout.
  • Activity will only display for an option if transactions have been assigned to an account in the selected account group.
  • If there are transactions occurring in the account group chosen that were not tracked, these are displayed as Unassigned.
  • Opening and closing balances are displayed for each category option across all accounts used by that option based on the date range. The balances are based on the financial year to date for revenue and expense based account groups and a balance of all transactions for asset, liability and equity based groups.
  • Net activity shows the outcome of all approved transactions (except purchase orders and quotes) in and out of the accounts belonging to the account group.
If you are using multi-currency, movement from these transactions will appear in footnotes. This will show for Bank Accounts, Current Assets and Current Liabilities. Foreign currency amounts will be in your base currency and will show the source, rate and date of the rate used.

Individual balances

Click on any of the balances for expense or revenue account groups to view the individual accounts and their balances. For any other account groups, click on Opening or Closing Balance.

When viewing the individual account and balances, this is shown as an Account Summary report. From this report you can drill further to see individual transactions (except purchase orders and quotes) that were coded to the tracking option.