Late GST Claims report

View late GST claims, and choose whether to file them with your GST return. Xero only shows your Late Claims report in your GST Return if there are late claim transactions.

What are late claims?

Late claims are transactions you approve, edit, void or delete in Xero after you've finalised the GST return for that period. In your next GST return, Xero offers to include the GST on these transactions as a debit or credit adjustment.

Finalise your GST Returns in date order so Xero can correctly calculate any late claims.

For example, you finalise your December/January GST return and submit your return to Inland Revenue in mid-February. In late February:

  • You realise you entered a bill dated 10 December incorrectly. You edit and approve the bill in Xero.
  • You receive, enter and approve a bill dated 29 January for cleaning.

Xero shows the GST amount of these bills as late claims in your February/March GST return.

Image showing detail of late claims.

Xero doesn't include some types of late claims in your GST return:

  • Transactions you enter in Xero dated before your conversion date.
  • Transactions dated before your first GST period start date, if you have registered your organisation for GST since you started on Xero.
  • Transactions using the Zero Rated tax rate dated before the current GST period.

You'll need to include these transactions as adjustments on your GST return.

View and file late GST claims

  1. Go to Reports, then select All Reports.
  2. Under Tax select GST Return.
  3. Click your GST Return to open it.
  4. If there are late claims for the return period, the Late GST Claims tab appears on the return. Click the tab.

    Image showing late GST claims tab on GST return.

  5. Review the late claims.
  6. Click the GST Return tab.
  7. Next to Include late claims? select Yes.

    If you select No, Xero won't include these late claims in any future GST returns.

    Select the Include late claims? button.

  8. Save your GST Return

Xero displays the net value of all late claims for the period as a debit adjustment in the Sales and Income section or a credit adjustment in the Purchases and Expenses section of your GST return.

Image showing late claim section on GST return.

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