Reorganise contents of a report template

Reorder or remove reports within a report template at the practice level.

You can access report templates from the Reports tab in either Xero HQ or My Xero Partner Edition.

To edit report template contents:

  1. In the header, click the list icon Image showing the List icon..
  2. If you have opted into Xero HQ, select Xero HQ. Otherwise select My Xero.
  3. Go to Reports.
  4. Open the existing report template.
  5. Click on the name of the first report, then click Edit.

You can now reorder or remove reports to customise your template.

Reorder reports

Click on each report you want to move and drag it into place.

Image showing reordering reports by clicking and dragging.

Remove reports

Click on the X to remove a report.

Image showing hover over x to remove a report from pack.