Edit a report within a report template

Edit the content of reports within your practice's report templates, adding notes and report fields, changing titles, and highlighting text for revision at the client level.

You can access report templates from the Reports tab in either Xero HQ or My Xero Partner Edition.

Open a report template at the practice level

  1. In the header, click the list icon Image showing the List icon..
  2. If you have opted into Xero HQ, select Xero HQ. Otherwise select My Xero.
  3. Go to Reports.
  4. Select the report template you want to work on.
Any changes you make here will flow through to the client level.

Edit the title of a report

Hover over the report's title and click inside the rectangle that appears to enter a new name for a report.

Image showing how to edit a report title within a report template.

Edit the contents of a report

Use the layout editor to customise a report. Click Edit Layout within your report to open the editor.

Account rows are ordered alphabetically within groups. Accounts can be re-ordered at the client organisation level.

Once in the report editor, use the report list on the left side of the screen to switch between reports. You don’t need to save your changes before navigating to another report.

Add a note linking to a text block or schedule

Add a notes column to any financial report using the layout editor. Your note can then link to any:

The text block or schedule can be on the same report or another one within the template.

Add a report field to a text block

  1. Place your cursor where you would like to insert the report field.
  2. From under Insert Field, select the report field to insert it.

Highlight text for revision at the client level

  1. In any text block, click and drag over the text you want to highlight.
  2. Click Image showing highlighter icon. Highlight Text.