Contact Transactions – Summary report

Run the Contact Transactions – Summary report to see a summary of your receivable (customer), payable (supplier) and cash transactions for a contact over a given period. You can also use this report to access detail reports on receivables, payables or cash transactions for the same contact.

Access and run the Contact Transactions – Summary report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Accounting, click Contact Transactions – Summary (New).
  3. Select a contact.
  4. Select a date range.
  5. (Optional) Click Report Settings to refine your report.
  6. Click Update to run the report with the settings you've chosen.

Report Settings

These are the options you can use to refine the Contact Transactions – Summary report.

Show or hide decimals

Numbers will show to 2 decimal places by default.

To show only round numbers, click to clear the Show decimals checkbox.

If your organisation uses tracking, you can also filter by tracking category. The filters you choose will appear in a text block on the report. You can edit or remove the text block if you wish.

Edit, move or delete report text blocks

Access detail reports

Click on a line within a Receivables, Payables or Cash section to see a detail report on the relevant transaction type for this contact over the same period.

Image showing customer clicking on Opening Balance line within Receivables section of the report.