Enter monthly comparative figures in the Profit and Loss report

Enter monthly comparative figures for the year before your conversion date, by posting a series of monthly manual journals to the revenue and expense accounts. Code the imbalance to the historical adjustment system account. You can then see monthly comparative figures for the year before the conversion without re-entering every transaction in Xero.

Create or import manual journals

You can create or import journals either before or after you've entered your conversion balances. If you have created these journals after entering your conversion balances you need to resave your conversion balances.

Your conversion balances must equal the total of the year-to-date comparative balances. This ensures the month immediately before the conversion date shows correctly on the Profit and Loss report.


ABC Limited is converting to Xero for day-to-day accounting on 1 April 2012 therefore the conversion date is April 2012.

In 2011, the year before using Xero, ABC Limited had the following Profit and Loss report figures. We'll assume each month had the same revenue and expense balances:

  • $1,000 sales revenue x 12 months = $12,000 total revenue at year-end.
  • $800 light, heating and power expenses x 12 months = $9,600 total expenses at year end.

Create or import a comparative manual journal for 30 April 2011 and one for every subsequent month of the financial year, for example May 2011, June 2011, and so on. Each journal would look like this:

Historical ExpenseLighting, heating and power800 
Adjustment (imbalance)Historical adjustment200 
Historical RevenueSales 1,000

Post a journal entry to account for the $200 imbalance between debits and credits to the historical adjustments system account. This is a Balance Sheet account so it doesn't show on the Profit and Loss report. Xero will now contain complete comparative monthly Profit and Loss report figures.

Go to Settings, then General Settings, then Conversion Balances and enter the real opening balances at the conversion date of 1 April 2012. Once you've saved these balances Xero reverses out the historical adjustment balance.