Remove decimals from currency in printable invoices and other items using custom templates

Remove the standard two decimal places from currency on the printable (PDF) version of your invoices, credit notes, quotes, statements and purchase orders by editing Xero's custom (DOCX) templates in Microsoft Word (or equivalent).

You might find this useful if you deal with currencies that don't use decimal places, such as Japanese Yen.
  1. Click Settings, then select General Settings.
  2. Under Features, click Invoice Settings.
  3. Find the theme you want to change and click Download.
  4. Use Microsoft Word (or equivalent) to open the template you want to change from the ZIP file.
  5. Highlight UnitAmount. Right-click and select Toggle Field Codes.
  6. Look for the '0.00' placeholders for currency amounts and simply remove the decimal places by placing your cursor on the text and typing.

    Image showing the decimal places on a zero amount in a merge field being highlighted with a cursor for editing.

  7. Repeat for the remaining currency fields. For example, LineAmount, InvoiceSubTotal.
  8. Save the file to your computer.
  9. In Xero on the Invoice Settings screen, click Upload to upload your edited file and update the custom template.
When you enter sales and purchases items using currencies without decimals, we recommend you choose Tax Inclusive to avoid awkward rounding.