Enter buyer-created invoices in Xero

Add a buyer-created tax invoice (BCI) in Xero when the buyer determines the value of taxable goods and services they receive.

When do I use BCIs?

Use BCIs if your customer buys taxable goods or services from you and creates the tax invoice themselves.

For example, a meatworks buys cattle from you and they analyse it to determine its value. The meatworks sends you a BCI (and maybe, the payment) for the cattle.

Add a BCI in Xero

  1. Enter the BCI directly into Xero as you enter a bill. You can also import multiple BCIs into Xero.
  2. Create the invoice in another program, like Microsoft Word or Excel using one of the following templates.

    You can't generate compliant BCI invoices in Xero.

    Microsoft Word icon.  Open Microsoft Word template (16KB)

    Microsoft Excel icon.  Open Microsoft Excel template (15KB)

  3. Save the invoice as a PDF to lock the information.

  4. Make sure the BCI meets the Inland Revenue guidelines.

  5. Send the BCI to your client.

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