Add or edit an expense in Projects for Android

Add an expense associated with a project to track spending. You can also on-charge the expense to a customer, and set a unit price to add markup.

Add a new expense to a project mobile

  1. Tap the the project you want to add an expense to.
  2. Tap + then New expense.
  3. Tap Expense name or choose an item, then give an expense a name, or choose an existing expense.
  4. Add Quantity and Unit cost.
  5. Switch the Chargeable toggle to:
    • On (blue), enter a Unit price to add a markup. The total amount is automatically calculated by the Quantity x Unit price.
    • Off (White) if you won’t charge the customer.
  6. Either tap SAVE & ADD ANOTHER or the checkmark icon Image of the checkmark icon..

Edit an existing expense

You can only edit an expense if you haven't invoiced the customer for it. You cannot edit or delete an expense that has been assigned from a bill or spend money transaction. You’ll need to go to the original bill or transaction to edit or remove the expense from your project.

  1. Tap the project you want to edit an expense.
  2. Tap the Expenses tab, then the expense.
  3. Tap the menu icon Image of the More menu icon in Xero for Android. then tap Edit.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Tap the checkmark icon Image of the checkmark icon..