Create and approve an employee's timesheet

If an employee hasn’t submitted their timesheet for the pay period, create one and approve it at the same time before processing a pay run.

How it works

  • You must have Payroll Admin user access to create and approve timesheets for employees.
  • You can only enter numbers. All entries are treated as hours (HH) unless you add a colon (HH:MM).
  • You must enter a number before a colon otherwise, your entry resets to 0:00. For example, :30 or :8 reset to 0:00.
  • You can't enter more than five numbers.
  • If you don't enter anything, Xero uses 0:00.

Before you start

If you want to track payroll expenditure, set up tracking for timesheets.

Create and approve a timesheet

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Timesheets.
  2. From Any Status, select Unsubmitted to see the timesheets that need to be created or completed for the current pay run.
  3. Click Create beside the employee you want to create a timesheet for.

    Click Create

  4. Click a time block to enter the time the employee worked.

    Add time

  5. Select the earnings type.

    Select earnings type

  6. (Optional) If you want to track the employee's time, select a tracking category.
  7. Enter the number of hours the employee worked.

    The summary area updates automatically as you add information.

  8. (Optional) Click Add New to enter more earnings types and hours.
  9. Edit the remaining time blocks to complete the timesheet.
  10. Click Approve.