Send payslips to employees

Email employees their payslips directly from Xero after they've been paid. Otherwise, employees with access to My Payroll can view and print their payslips themselves.

Before you start

Make sure you've:

What a payslip displays

Each payslip shows your employee their totals for this pay period and year to date for:

  • Earnings and rates for Salary, Public Holidays and Other Earnings
  • Tax and Deductions such as KiwiSaver, Student Loans and charitable giving

as well as:

  • Your company address
  • Pay Calendar and annual salary
  • IRD Number, tax code and tax period
  • Leave balances with leave types, accrued and used leave totals

Email payslips to employees

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Pay Runs.
  2. Click the paid pay run for the pay period you want.
  3. Click Options and select Email Payslips.
  4. Select the employees you want to email payslips to.
  5. Click Email Payslips.