Approve leave for your team using My Payroll

If you’ve been authorised, use My Payroll to approve or decline your team’s leave requests.

How it works

  • You’ll receive an email every time an employee creates a leave request.
  • Approved requests are scheduled into the pay run that's created for that period. So you'll need to approve or decline them all for each pay run so they're included.
  • Leave requests automatically exclude hours for any holidays occurring in the holiday groups that the employee belongs to.

Approve a leave request

  1. In the Payroll menu, select My Payroll. If you don’t see the menu, don't worry you're already in it.
  2. Click the Team Management tab.
  3. Under Pending Requests, click the leave request you want to approve.
  4. Review the hours to ensure they're correct for the number of days a week the employee works.

    The employee's leave balance excludes current requests and all unprocessed leave.

  5. Click Approve. The request is included in the upcoming pay run.

If the request isn't correct, you can decline it and enter the reason why so the employee can correct it.